greetings dear ones –

i’m excited to dive into my first attempt at blogging.  one might think, since i did study journalism in college, that i would have explored this medium before now, but i suppose i have been busy learning and teaching and playing.  now – time for sharing!

a little about myself – i am a yoga teacher, thai massage therapist, acupressurist, singer-songwriter, biker, chanter, dancer, punster… blogger!  i have lived in san francisco for the last 11 years (with a few little breaks living in indiana, vermont,  and colorado).    i don’t much like  to type with capital letters.

i have a website,,  that has lots of information about my music and yoga/massage business.  you can go there to hear clips, see photos, check out class schedules, find out pricing etc.

but, you can come here to check out little jewels – “om”work if you will, to enhance (or jumpstart) a practice of exploring your relationship with your body, mind and spirit.  think of them as suggestions or assignments, whichever meets your needs.    i will draw from many  different sources – not just yogic.  i plan to include poses, breathing techniques, acupressure points, quotes, meditaiton practices, and more.  i hope to update this at least once a week – more often when i have time.

i encourage you to leave your feedback – and let me know if you’re finding these practices helpful.  stay in touch – with me and yourself!



5 thoughts on “first.

  1. Yay! I’m lovin that you got on board the WP train. I’m not much of an “om” guy, but I loves to “nom nom”.

  2. Glad to hear you’re doing so well! We seem to have the whole body covered- you’ve got the bodywork, spiritual side and I’ve got the whole foods- going the organic farm route. Keep up the blog!

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