Breathing for Digestion/Emotions


the following is a really great breathing exercise done lying on your belly

(in the ‘advasana’ yoga position), working with breathing into the second and

third chakras (energy centers). it’s great for digestion, of food and of life,

and to balance your emotional state. it can be practiced anytime – including

right after you’ve eaten (in fact, if you’ve over eaten, this is a great one

for helping your full belly work thru the food).


*lie on your belly with one cheek turned toward the floor

(you may want to put a towel or pillow between your head and the floor)

*place one hand under your lower belly - above the pubic bone, but below
the naval (this is the second chakra).  breathe deeply into your belly -
feel the belly expand and press your belly into your hand as you inhale.
feel the belly contract, drawing it away from the hand and in toward
the spine as you exhale.
*if you like, you can slide the other hand under the first (palm of one hand
and back of the other hand touching).  if that feels good, and you want more
pressure, make the top hand (the one making contact with the belly) into a fist.
*spend at least 1-3 minutes breathing into this area
*bring your hands out, and notice how you feel for a few breaths
*turn your head so the opposite cheek is on the mat, if comfortable.
*slide one hand under your solar plexus region (below the breast bone,
above the naval - this is the thrid chakra).  follow all the same
instructions you did while holding the lower point.
*when complete, stretch back into a child's pose (by pulling your hips
back toward your heels, extending your arms out and letting your head rest)
or, if more comfortable, turn on your back and hug your knees toward your

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