Self-Massage Routine

i suspect, if everyone did this every day, i would lose all my massage clients.

… i just got a new printer and added my first scan.  i plan to include my original illustrations much more often now… stay tuned!

Seated Self-Massage Routine

Things to keep in mind while massaging:

*Stay relaxed – especially in the hands, arms, shoulders and face.
*Breathe deeply, in and out thru the nostrils.
*When seated, especially if your spine is rounding and/or your knees are higher than your hips, make sure you are well supported by sitting near the edge of a folded blanket or firm pillow.
*Shake out your hands and arms often between areas that you are massaging.
*Have fun — and go with what feels good!

FEET:  Bring your feet together and allow the knees to fall open away from one another (if needed, but some support underneath each knee.  Start by massaging soles of the feet, toes, and heels.

INNER LEGS: Then use the palms to move up thru the inner leg up to the upper thigh, skipping the area around the knee. (This can be done one leg at a time, with the foot on the floor, if that feels more relaxing.)

OUTER LEGS: Bring feet to the floor with knees bent.  Rub hands up and down the leg, from the hip down to the ankle. If comfortable, make hands in the relaxed fists and pound up and down the leg.  Maintaining the fists, rub vigorously right below the knee on the outside of the leg.

LOWER BACK: Bring feet back together (or take a cross-legged pose, if more relaxing for your body).  Take the fists and vigorously massage the kidney area in the lower back.

BELLY: Then bring your hand to your abdomen, and, starting on the right side near the hip, massage clockwise along the path of the large intestines (up to the rib cage, down towards the naval, back up to the opposite rib cage, and then down toward the left hip). Put palms over the naval, close the eyes and take a few deep breaths. You may want to lie on the your back with your knees bent to get deeper into the belly massage.

CHEST: Massage around the chest area, in between ribs, if comfortable. If you’re feeling sensitive here, do a very light, gentle massage with the palms or finger pads. If not sensitive, you might make fists and tap the whole chest area, Tarzan style.

SHOULDERS: Take one hand to the opposite shoulder and massage however it feels good, grabbing fleshy part of upper shoulder. Then take your open palm, hit the top of the shoulder (not on the bone) and brush down thru the arm all the way thru the hand, doing both front and back of arm. Repeat on the other side.

NECK: Interlock hands behind head, with the pinkie fingers at base of skull. As you inhale open elbows up, lift chest, and look up toward the ceiling. On your exhale, draw the belly in, bring elbows toward on another, press firmly on the sides neck and drop head. Repeat several times with your breath.

FACE: Massage along the jaw line, around the cheeks, and on the forehead. If desired, take open palms and gently slap along the sides of the face.

EARS/SCALP: Massage along the ears, pulling the bottom of the lobes down. Then massage whole scalp, pulling hair if it feels good.

this is a great routine to do in the morning or in the mid-afternoon, or whenever you might be feeling sluggish or tired.   if you are at your desk and can’t do the whole thing – just do the face/ears/scalp… and maybe the lower back – and i promise you’ll feel at least a little better!

**for extra fun, play the divinyls 90’s pop song in the background while trying this exercise.  😉

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