digesting your day

happy thanksgiving dear yogis!

in many ways today is my favorite holiday… a time set aside to celebrate and honor all the abundance and connectedness that our life is full of.  but sometimes we have loaded our plates too full, literally and otherwise, and we need some assistance to help digest it all.

the following are a few little tips to help your body and spirit deal with the food and emotions of the day today.  enjoy!

there is an acupressure point, STOMACH 36, about four finger widths below the knee, on the outside of each leg,  often referred to as the “three mile point” … they say after stimulating this point you’ll be able to run three miles.  i don’t know about that — but i do know that rubbing this points brings energy into the digestive organs, helping you to process the meal you  just ate.  it is energizing in general — so it can help combat the groggy, heavy feeling that often comes with eating big meals.  do this while you’re still at the table… or anytime you need a little burst of energy throughout your day.

another trick while you’re still at the table is stimulating the CENTRAL VESSEL MERIDIAN… this is the energy line that runs down the middle front of the body.  especially helpful is the area around the 3rd chakra, right over the solar plexus.  when we hold this area, which also happens to be directly over your stomach, we bring digestive juices to the stomach and help relax all the abdominal muscles and organs.  the most discreet way is to make one hand into a fist and cover it with the other hand and gently lean into the edge of the table.

the other method,  which requires stretching out a bit more, is shown below.  lie on your belly (with some support under your head and feet if you like) and bring one or both hands under the belly at this same point.  for both methods, take slow, deep breaths into the belly.

the ultimate pose for digestion and rest is side lying shavasana on your left side.  you can do this on the floor, with rolled blankets or pillows in between your legs, arms and under your head or on the couch, on your left side. lying your left side closes on the flap that allows acid reflux to rise up… it also allows gravity to work in harmony with the path of your large intestine. this pose is good for indigestion, nausea, or just general rest.. it’s also good to prepare the digestive organs – so try it if you are taking a pre-meal snooze.

finally – remember to eat slow and mindfully (lots of chewing!) and keep your awareness on your breath.  most of all, take time to savor the day, however it presents itself to you.

today, and everyday, i am so grateful for YOU!

with warmth and love,


One thought on “digesting your day

  1. While sitting here, I just did the first leg rubbing and it was great! I noticed that there was some sensitivity in that region so I guess that means it needed to be released. We don’t have our big dinner till tomorrow so I will save this information and share it with everyone around our Thanksgiving table.
    Thanks for your amazing tips!

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