Creating a New Year’s Intention

Happy 2013!  As you can see, It’s been about two years since my last post here.  I’ve been busy creating a book of my omwork assignments and hope to have it fully completed and published in this coming year. Also, I plan to start posting here more often again this year – so feel free to keep me accountable if you aren’t seeing new things in your inbox every once in a while.

First things first — 2012 was an amazingly powerful year and we are now officially in a brand new era for all of humanity.  The choice between love and fear is growing a more and more obvious reality in our personal and public lives.  Having a clear intention that celebrates the true nature of our souls and acts a beacon back to that truth is so important.    I encourage you to Take some time to play with the exercise below to help create your vision.

2013 intention 1

New Year’s Vision

Although we can make changes and set intentions at any moment, the first of the year brings with it a natural freshness that invites us to recreate an evolved version of ourselves.  I like to start each year with a vision statement, claiming the aspects of my life that i’ve already embodied and want to continue, as well as areas that have been a struggle and I’m ready to shift.  I invite you to create a vision statement for yourself this year, and th

en place it somewhere where you will see it often and can repeat it to yourself throughout the year. (As the screensaver on your computer or phone, on your refrigerator, at your desk, hung visibly in your closet, etc.)  Keep your language in the present tense and positive (yes’s instead of no’s… for example you could put “making nourishing food choices” rather than “no longer eating j

unk”).  Include the things you’ve struggled with in this past season of your life, claiming their success in your statement.  This will act as a totem, drawing you in the version of yourself that you desire.  Use imagery words that you connect strongly too, if that helps.  For example – if you love the ocean, use oceanic words in your description.  Feel free to mix languages or even make up words — anything that resonates deeply will work! Remember, there’s no getting this wrong, so have fun!

**What are some aspects of yourself that you already embody (positive things that you and everyone around you know to be true about yourself?

**What are some specific things that you’ve struggled with that you desire a transformation in?  

**What’s on the other end of these things?  (For example if you want to feel less lethargic, you could write “I am perfectly nourished and wisely rested, with an overflowing sea of energy within me”)

**If there were no boundaries or earthly limits, what does your heart most desire?

Take some time to put all these things together to create your vision for this new year.  It could be one sentence long or an entire paragraph.  You may even just chose one word to embody and focus your energy.  Whatever style works best for you to sculpt the way you are ready to show up in the world!  Below are some examples of other people’s vision statements (including my own) to help prime your imagination:

“I am the high priestess of maternal love, perfectly in tune with the rhythms of my body and soul.  With profound presence and playful prose, I am procreating a  community of abundant laughter, gracious acceptance, gorgeous courage and divine vision.”

“I am a sea of abundant energy, surfing through the waves of life with ease and mastery.  Strong, rested and deliciously nourished, I generously support myself, my family, my community and my world.”

“Lacking nothing, fully supported, I make choices out of an attitude of abundance and generosity.  I give and receive love without judgement, resistance or condition.”

“I dance in a forest of grace and beauty.  My life is organized, as the flowers and trees are, supporting the cycles and needs of life with beautiful timing.  My relationships are gifts, based on trust and respect. I fully own each and every one of my feelings as guides pointing me to my true self.”

Okay — it’s your turn!  Start brainstorming below! If you get inspired, share your vision with those around who you know will help to support you in it — including me!

Love and light to you in this new year – pregnant with limitless possibilities!


2 thoughts on “Creating a New Year’s Intention

  1. Thank you, lightworker! Or should I say lightplayer?! I adore your illustration. I placed my vision board (the one I made at Magnolia in December) where I can see it and be infused by the words and images. My favorite words from the board are: Trust you, you’ll love it. And the image: a photo of a yogini in forward bend, holding her toes, with the words “connect deeper.” I love you!

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