regard or re-guard?

regard or reguard imagegreetings dear friends,

i pray this finds you well. i write you, as i listen to the early morning cleansing rain hitting our parched earth, at the end of another week spanning the emotional range.

jeremy and i spent this last weekend dancing within a big bubble of beautiful love, creativity and celebration, as two dear friends of ours married.  the event, one of the most creative and fun i’ve ever been a part of, was filled with performances, costumes and across the board acceptance of however each person showed up. there was a clear suspension of judgements and defenses and a deep dive into the pool of love.  we were all community, regardless of beliefs, cultures, politics or any other story of the mind. we gathered to honor and celebrate these two souls.  we were seeing with eyes that found each person’s gifts and celebrated them without abandon. i heard more than one person at the wedding express how awe inspired they were that humans could live in such an open-hearted, love centered way…. that perhaps the world was finally changing for the better.

later in the week, i learned, with the rest of the world, about the tragedies in paris and then again, a day later, about the sadly under reported similar tragedies in beirut. both are examples of outrageous violence and a disregard of the sanctity of life.  and, although we cannot know exactly what lies in the hearts and minds of the people who led these attacks, it was clearly steeped in a defensive dogma that promotes disunity – the all too familiar “us and them” mentality. this past week,  i’ve heard more than one person expressing a concern about “what was happening to the world that such things could take place?”

but this is the world, not what is happening to it. this is humanity, not what is becoming of it.

there is life, there is death.

there is unity, there is disunity.  

there is reaction, there is response.

there is rage, there is joy.  

there is love, there is fear.

there is our true nature, and our defenses that built up in attempt to protect it.  

there is regarding and there is re-guarding.  
i’d offer that the reason we feel so energized and alive when we are in a field of love is because our true, undefended natures are being seen and given space to shine. we were born with hearts and nervous systems that are created to connect.  there are physiological rewards that fire in our body when we open our hearts, serve one another, see each other as the souls that we are, and receive love back.  and, in the same way, when we are disconnected from this reality – when we don’t feel loved or safe enough to love – we are wired to defend and protect.  our hearts are so precious, and when they are threatened – especially when we are young, our life feels threatened.  the wisest choice in the that moment may be to be on guard – to perceive the world in a more narrow, defended way for the time being.  ultimately, however, when this is taken on as roadmap for life, it leads to division, polarization, disconnection and a worldview rooted in defense and reaction.

the wedding we attended showed me what happens when people feel safe.  when they are allowed to express their true natures.  the tragedies in beirut, paris and elsewhere show me what happens when people feel threatened, fearful, and live with a story that some people are good and some are evil.   

yes, pray for paris… pray for beirut… pray for the world and perhaps, most importantly, pray for yourself, that you may be transformed into someone who consistently and courageously keeps your heart wide open, in all circumstances – through pain and through joy. that the defense of love becomes more important than the defense of your beliefs. a prayer for us all, that we might see every moment as a chance to be “at the wedding” – grateful for a chance to live in full and committed regard of love and life, living the full range of emotions and experiences, without any need to ‘re-guard’ our hearts.  

regard or re-guard – what’s your choice today?

i love you.


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