pushing the creative edges you didn’t know you had


greetings friends,

i returned home earlier this week from the magical village of ashland, oregon. i spent the much of last week there hanging with and performing alongside my husband, filmmaker/musician jeremy rourke, who had live expanded cinema performances featured in the film festival there. it was a full and beautiful week, both supporting his creative work and meeting so many other creators and appreciators of innovative and gorgeous art.

now i’m back in the bay and preparing to birth another edition of my own creative baby – the v.v. variety show – the eighth of which is happening this saturday evening. the premise of the show, for those of you don’t know, is that performers bring an act that stretches them out of their comfort zone… something out of the typical performing repertoire. singer-songwriters might do a dance… seasoned drummers may play the banjo while reciting poetry… classical pianists may try their hand at stand up comedy…. stand up comics may try their (presumably less trained hands) at a classical piano piece. the results may not always be perfectly executed – but it always feels magical and energizing for performers and audiences alike. the very act of acknowledging that one doesn’t know what will happen seems to create more space for something exciting to.

are you pushing your creative edges? do you even recognize that you have creative edges to push? regardless of whether you believe you have are an “artist,”  every human is a creative being. the very cellular reproduction that sustains our life is, in fact, a constant act of creation. the choices we make and the stories we tell ourselves about those choices — all creative acts. in fact, the word “creativity” is defined as “the ability to make things or think of new ideas.” have you ever made anything or had a new idea. bam. you’re creative.

so… what are you creating? have you been stuck in the same plot line for months… years.. decades? have you forgotten the wonder you had as a child when you still danced with your imagination? have you decided that you already “know” what’s coming? how else might your day… and the days ahead, play out? the brain lights up when novelty is introdcued and the soul sings when we dissolve what we thought were the limits of our identity. there is literally an infinite number of versions of your life. every thought, word and choice leads to the version you are creating right now. is it time for a rewrite of yours?

this week, i encourage you to have your own little variety show in your life. switch things up… try something new… surprise yourself and the people around you. stretch your creative edges that you didn’t even know you had.

creatively yours,


4 thoughts on “pushing the creative edges you didn’t know you had

  1. I love the premise of your v.v. show! I enjoyed this post. I thought today I should try making a digital scrapbook of my honeymoon in Bali…something I don’t really do but my mum enjoys. Why not? 🙂

  2. Thanks for this! You just inspired me to take a minute and whip out a little poem. It was fun to play. It was a little renewal in me!

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