in light of shadows


hello friends,

summer solstice is just a few days away, which means (in this hemisphere anyway) we are in the midst of the lightest days of the year. simultaneously, the tragedy in orlando this past weekend has cast a shadow making it impossible to ignore the places where, individually and collectively, we are still living in darkness.

as typically happens in the aftermath of such horrendous tragedies – a majority of people respond with an outpouring of compassion, shared grief and heartfelt support. it’s consistent amongst devastation because it’s what we are actually made of and what’s left when so much else is stripped away. when our hearts break open, the truth of what’s inside pours out.

some have responded to this by desperately searching for who to blame or shamelessly harnessing this for political gain. this comes not because some among us are evil and others good – but because fear always leads to contraction and/or lashing out. look to nature – when an animal feels threatened and is wounded, they respond with aggression, freezing or fleeing. it’s the classic fight or flight mode and we human animals have the same physiological response when we go into defense. we then stack our stories and beliefs so high onto this fear response that everything is seen through it’s lens, as a threat. the stronger the fear, the more shadowed the light. but the light is there… it’s who we are, and when we are able to pause and examine these responses, we start to move back into our natural state of luminosity.

let it not be lost that the murders in orlando were specifically targeting our lgtbq brothers and sisters who were gathered together in a place to love, dance and be together in the fullness of who they are — or that the scope of this very sick, profoundly fearful, man’s destruction was made possible by far to easy access to mass killing devices and fueled by divisive and hateful propaganda.  this is not acceptable and not representative of  who we could be as a species. it is time to say ENOUGH! to repent, as a nation and individuals, for the parts we have played in this. now is the time to collectively come together, like never before, and demand that we raise the standard for what is possible for humanity, because it’s SO MUCH BETTER than this. it’s time to stop fighting against someone or something we don’t like or understand and start standing up for the truth of who we are and what is possible when we live congruently with that truth.

history is moving in this direction. collective consciousness is expanding and a more feminine, inclusive way of being is becoming more of the norm. are the voices for division and hate louder than ever? perhaps, but this is what happens when an ideology begins to crumble. those who feel safest in the dark begin screaming louder and gripping tighter. the parts of us that remain in fear more easily focus in on the people and things that scare us. it takes courage to pause and reflect back light, rather than take in the darkness.

the sun is always there shining, it is only those times that our earth has rotated away from it that the light seems to no longer exist. this week, as the we have more access to the sun than any other during the year, may we harness this light to let every shadowy part be revealed and examined.  may we see with eyes that recognize that every spew of blame, hatred, or revenge is covering up someone’s deep desire to feel seen, safe and loved.

may we answer blame with personal and collective repentance…

disconnection with community building…

fear with courageous speaking out…

apathy with committed action…

divisive hatred with uniting love…

and the illusion of darkness with the truth of light.

thank you for offering your light to us all,


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