fly (with) me to the moon

nessy moon kite.jpg

happy full moon friends,

as some of you may know, i have a deep and passionate love affair with the moon. when she is new, i bask in her spaciousness. when waxing, i swell with her expanding energy. i adore the surrender and release that comes when she is waning. and all bets are off when, in her fullness, i give my rational mind a savasana, dance freely and delve into creating beauty for beauty’s sake. this month, in all my eagerness for luna’s energizing effects, i announced her full arrival to a group of my yoga students a full three days ahead of schedule!

the moon reminds me of the magical rhythms of a cosmos that is beyond my little mind’s understanding. her consistent cycles orchestrate my own body’s rhythms and cradle me within an infinite intelligence. when i see the moon reflecting light on the ocean near my home, i soften with the knowledge that the same light is reflecting down on the oceans and lakes and rivers that flow near my family and friends far away. we are all connected through her. she whispers sweetly to me to relax in the knowing that all of life is constantly expanding or contracting, and will come back to expand once more. she is the nightlight to my dream world when it is time to sleep and a flashlight for my journeys when i feel the call to venture through the dark and unknown places.

the moon awakens each of us to our feminine side – the parts of us that are formless, spacious, creative, radiant, and filled with infinite possibilities. what is this moon waking up within you? when is the last time you stopped and admired her beauty? if you are reading this at night or early in the morning, take a moment to go outside, stretch your arms out and take five deep breaths while you look up toward the her magnificence. unlike the sun, the moon invites you to stare wide eyed and take in her luminosity. she shines over light polluted cities, on nights when nearly every star is hidden. even when she is snuggled up behind a blanket of fog or clouds, she is there and holds the potential to melt you with her enchanting trance. you may or may not experience a consuming urge to dance or howl, but at very least it will interrupt the dependency cycle to your devices, the stress inducing news of the day, or whatever thoughts the mind was currently looping and remind you of the magic that inspired awe in you as a child.

as sinatra sang, in his own ode to the moon…

“in other words, i love you.”


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