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greetings dear ones,

the root word of inauguration (something that’s been on all our minds this week) is “augur.” the augur was the diviner or prophet and the person who, in ancient rome, would watch the movements of the birds for omens concerning the incoming leadership. apparently, the augur would call for a new direction or leader if the bird’s movement proved it auspicious to do so. these days it’s been hard to miss the actual and metaphoric birds whose omens have never been more clear.

this weekend I joined an estimated five million people around the world who gathered together to decipher the movement of the birds…to illuminate the shadows… to inaugurate the world we stand for, rather than accepting the one we fear. as i marched down market street, i held a bundle of sage and a candle, sensing they communicated more of what my heart was feeling than any sign i could think of (although there were some pretty amazing signs). it was cold and pouring down rain, but even without an umbrella, the sage and the candle stayed lit. the light shone… the sage cleansed… the rain and the love poured.

i ended the day feeling bolstered and inspired – remembering that at the darkest moments in history, courageous people’s lights shine the brightest. that when things feel most barren, there is the possibility for creative, ingenious, resourcefulness. that when women organize, things are generally peaceful and focused on collective good.  i sensed that we are in a unique place in history where the threat to all the progress already made by our foremothers and forefathers is serving as a catalyst for each of us evolve that movement even further. sometimes evolution requires a revolution.

my understanding of revolution involves a readiness to risk comfort and safety to speak truth, empowered, to power. it also means being clear and focused about doing what we can to bring forth our best self on a daily basis. this weekend inspired me to become clear about which aspects of myself will support that intention.

in this light, i hereby inaugurate the following aspects to be the collective presidents for the united states of vanessa:

*augur – is paying attention to the omens and speaking truth to the current governing bodies*nurturer and protector – nourishes, soothes and guides. knows how to keep appropriate boundaries when necessary

*open hearted listener – offers her attention, rather than her opinion

*active creator – patiently gestates and births creations, surrendering to the perfect timing and innate wisdom of whatever is desiring to be created through me

*priestess – helps find and follow the highest truth in each situation

*witch – dances in the realms beyond the physical senses and trusts her ability to intentionally participate in these realms with prayers, spells, intentions. the part who knows that where she puts her focus is her hocus pocus

*adapter – flows with what is – expanding and contracting as life calls for, without rigid attachment to how things “should be”

*aware and awakened one – has eyes open to the injustices still very much at play in our current climate. that acknowledges the privilege i was born into as a cisgendered, white, middle class person in a hetero sexual relationship, and therefore am not privy to the direct experience of many of these injustices

*emotive one – honors the transformative power of feeling a full range of energy in motion (e*motion)
*collectively focused one – recognizes that what is happening to any of us is happening to all of us… that life focused solely on myself has a short fuse, but life focused on service is regenerative

*worthy one – knows her worth is not dependent on perfection or being right and can consider challenging feedback without blame or guilt

*forgiver – knows how to forgive both herself and others, creating

possibilities for new realities to arise*passionate, playful and wild one – knows that letting loose is how we are all freed – that boundaries are simply temporary containers that must eventually be expanded beyond

*truster – has infinite trust, regardless of circumstances, that a larger story is being played out for our individual and collective healing

*friend/ally –  knows that relationships are the key to everything, and can relate lovingly and openly to every being on my path, appreciating and learning from their unique life experience

*wise one – discerns and organizes information and thoughts easily and ultimately trusts her deepest intuitive knowing

*resourcer –  knows how to find abundant tools in even the most barren places 

*allower and acceptor –  allows and accepts that all the above parts may take vacations and temporarily appoint less noble parts to fill inwhich aspects of yourself do you want to inaugurate into the governing body of your life? what thought patterns, habits, belief systems or behaviors might be blocks to this process?

our responsibility in this this is to sharpen our “response-abilities” to each part of our self and the world around us. when we respond, rather than react, we have a chance to amplify the healthiest parts of ourselves and lovingly accept the parts that are still growing.

with love,


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