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greetings dear ones,

as we continue to move through ever changing realities, i’ve been reflecting on what it means to be resourceful.

my experience is that our wellbeing has less to do with our circumstances, and more to do with the amount of energy we can access to move through our circumstances.

in times of challenge, how do we best fuel up?

we are all born with abundant resources within us. time and traumas can create disconnections and defenses that keep the energy from flowing freely.

to be more “resourceful” we must return to the source. regardless of how you may understand “source energy,” if you are reading this, then there is a power flowing through you. the energy that keeps you alive is the same energy that keeps the galaxies afloat. this energy is infinitely available, but the amount we feel depends on what outlets we are plugged into. some outlets give us just enough to survive –  others allow us to be an abundant source of light and love for ourselves and everyone who comes into contact with us.

our physical survival is evidence that we are resourcing an intelligence that brilliantly animates our cells. but only in the most dire situations is simply staying alive a very energizing goal for us humans. when our survival is not being immediately threatened, and we hold “just making it through the day” as our highest goal, we are not likely to feel all that resourceful. how much more resourced could we feel if we tapped into our body’s unbelievable potential and refused to accept simply surviving?

another resource comes in the form of our emotions (e, or energy, in motion). recently, i heard my colleague dr. stephanie bridwell say “emotions are medicine.” so true! when i cry or moan my sadness, fear and grief… when i scream, grunt or punch pillows through my disappointment, frustration and anger… or when i dance, yelp or laugh my joy, glee and excitement, i feel rejuvenated.

in the brilliant design of our physiology, a fully felt wave of emotion will last no more than 90 seconds. we can feel slightly annoyed for a decade and never feel free of our anger or give ourselves permission in a safe place to express and move pure rage for a minute and feel liberated. when we try to manage, explain, attach credit or blame to emotions (our own or other people’s), we often are stopping ourselves from feeling or getting the energy from the emotion. when we connect and express, the energy flows quickly and we feel more energized to face and respond to the challenges of life.

another energy source (or drain) comes from the stories we are plugging  into. when we tell ourselves the same defeating, limited, blaming stories that other exhausted people keep telling, we fizzle out quickly. but accepting what is does not necessarily mean accepting the collective story about what is. there are always more expansive, creative stories to tell and breathe new life into any circumstance.

here are some stories that currently resource me…  

*life is happening for us, not to us.

*every single thread is woven into a larger story that my rational mind can’t comprehend.

*i always have a choice.

*no person or situation is static or beyond the possibility of reorganization.

*we were created to create.

*separation is an illusion… all is interconnected.

*only love is real… all that is not congruent with love is an illusion that will eventually dissolve.

when i feel unresourceful, it’s safe to assume i have disconnected from the source, which is always full. in these moments i can move my body, emote and curiously explore new stories to tell.

each of our lives are filled with outlets that plug us back into source. if you aren’t sure where they are, think back what you loved doing as a child, before you learned what you were “supposed” to be spending your time doing.

from the time i was young, the outlets that plugged me in have been: dancing, time with dear friends, making up stories, drawing, listening to and creating music, writing, speaking truth to authority, creating loving and safe spaces for others to heal, being in supportive communities, gazing at the moon… or a tree… or the ocean… of the night sky… or into someone else’s eyes. the most direct outlets for me are the ones let me get out of my rational mind and into a more expansive reality.

our judging mind may try to veto our emotions, activities or new stories, but play with them anyway. it’s hard to argue when we feel SO MUCH BETTER. when i allow myself to connect to these power sources, i feel more open, trusting of what is and energized to serve others and create a better world.

would love to hear from you on how you plug in and let out the source energy in your life these days.

with gratitude and resource fullness,


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