what may be

dear friends,

it’s may!




1. expressing possibility.

2. expressing permission.

i love that the very definition of this month’s name encourages the expression of possibility and permission. the linguistic container for these 31 days has the power to act as a portal; a doorway of freedom and options.

in these especially uncertain times there is no denying that every moment holds potential for infinite expressions of what may be. nothing beyond this moment is settled, ever. perhaps this moment, or what we perceive to have come before this moment, are never even settled. this realization can leave us frightened, overwhelmed, excited and liberated. sometimes all at once.

we can’t control the circumstances of life, and frankly i find this quite relieving. none of us wear the weight of the world on my shoulders all so well. we can however, shift how our attention lands upon life’s circumstances. when we take a little space to hold the place of witness to “what’s happening” and all the many thoughts subsequently arising from there, we may begin to view life beyond a limited, two dimensional understanding. instead of a clear “it’s this”or “it’s that”, what it may be, may be revealed.

as a child my mother would often correct my use of “can” with “may” when i was asking for permission. as much as i disliked her grammar policing at the time, she had a point. i wasn’t asking if i was capable, i was asking if i had permission.

the amazing, and sometimes terrifying, realization is that as an adult, i don’t need to ask her (or anyone else’s) permission. capable or no, it’s me who makes the choices for my life. i am not alone, or ultimately even in charge…but i am, consciously and unconsciously, setting forward directorial cues for every moment of my life. whether i can is yet to be revealed… but whether i may try, is my choice.

are there ways in which you’ve been giving your authority over to other people… or outdated rules, stories and expectations that leave you exhausted, burdened and stuck? are there parts of yourself that you’ve deemed unacceptable to even acknowledge?

this month practice saying, “no, you may no longer rule me” to those stories and “yes, i am listening” to more of yourself. this month may we all pause long enough to see our lives and our world not as fixed, or even needing to be fixed, but as a gold mine of all that may be.

just maybe?


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