totally eclipsed

eclipse.JPGgreetings friends,
in just over a week, millions of people will be in view to experience what’s being called the “great american eclipse.” in a path that spans across our entire country, the sun’s illumination will be fully concealed for one to three minutes, leaving all in the “path of totality” in total darkness.
the metaphors aren’t hard to find, especially in this particular moment of our country’s life, of standing collectively in the shadow.  i was particularly struck, however, with observing just how willing, ready and excited people are to rearrange their lives, travel great distances and purchase the perfect viewing equipment in order to be fully in it. tens of millions of people are expected to be in eclipse’s path, for the chance to fully un-illuminated for a brief moment.
what if we responded to all of our own eclipses this way? when a dark emotion comes and threatens to overtake our being, what if we created sacred space, pausing our life, and even our thoughts, to simply let it?

our nervous systems are so brilliantly designed. emotions are chemical responses that help move energy in the body, so that all the many experiences we move through in a day won’t get “stuck” within us.

emotions are literally “e” (energy) in motion. when we allow ourselves to feel any emotion unjudged, without a story, rule or criticism, it will, biochemically, last between 15 and 90 seconds – and then it’s done. when we get our thoughts in the mix, it slows down, fully stops, or puts the emotion on loop, like a wave hitting up against a dam – always feeling the pressure of it, but never really feeling it. but when we find a safe space to undam –  to cry, scream, shake, punch a pillow, laugh, moan, snot and/or grunt our way through it’s short lifespan, we typically feel more spacious and peaceful afterward, and with more access to thoughtfully respond to, rather than react about, what we are facing in our life. like all truth, it’s paradoxical – the more fully we allow ourselves to feel something, the sooner the feeling passes. the energy of the emotions is meant to eclipse the strength of our minds just long enough to set us free.

perhaps the droves of people journeying to the darkness next monday is part of the ritualistic healing that we are in desperate need of collectively and individually at this point in history. to go toward, not away from, the shadows. to actually pause our lives and our stories, and simply stand with full reverent presence, letting our entire beings be showered in darkness without interruption, until, a minute or two later, the experience of the light returns.

standing with you in light, when fully revealed and when totally eclipsed,


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