headlines… heartlines

headlines to heartlinesdear friend,

these days it’s all too common for the day’s headlines to make it hard to breathe. this week in california, that reality has been felt as every inhale has contained literal particles of the most recent devastation.

the reality, so true that it can feel cliche to acknowledge – is that when tragedy actually hits, it inevitably opens our hearts wide and reminds us that we are one. what happens to one of us, reverberates through all of us.

when a community is rattled by a natural disaster or human orchestrated atrocity, the most common responses are those of extreme generosity, heroism, selfless service and expressions of solidarity beyond any previous illusion of otherness. in times immediately following these massive traumas, people often report feeling more connected, grateful and inspired than ever before. when our collective hearts break open, it’s much easier to see the content of our pure, unconditional love and oneness – our true nature. shock sends us out of the constructs of our little minds and into one of two places: survival or service — often both simultaneously.  

the human body is designed to survive. the human spirit is designed to serve. we are both the vessel and the offering poured out from it. to be up to the task of birthing a new world, it is more imperative than ever to focus on both our physical and spiritual health,.

first –

surviving/thriving: do the things each day that help you feel rooted, safe and vibrant. find time to move your body, destimulate your mind and, as much as you are able, acknowledge and feel your emotions. (at the bottom of this newsletter, i’ve included some tools to help you with this!) these are intense times for our nervous systems, it is imperative that we prioritize the care of your body and be intentionally discerning about what we allow “in.” this is not about shutting the world out, but being constantly glued to every piece of news is a mental addiction that often exacerbates the pain, rather than serving to support change. a tired, malnourished, overstimulated and stressed nervous system naturally leads to a reactionary, isolated and fearful responses to the world.

next –

serve: it’s not about what you do, because your essence is the gift. regardless of how capable, articulate or accomplished you feel or don’t feel – you have an infinite amount of love to offer the world. imagine how different life could feel if you led every encounter with each person (family, friend or stranger) with the question – “how can i make this person’s day just a little better right now?” practice this enough, and soon this becomes a habitual way of living.

the selfish hidden secret is that serving others, serves you. we are biochemically rewarded for acting in open hearted ways. this is not about doing what you think you “should do” to be a “good” person, this is about showing up as often as you remember in an awake and present version of YOU, with as little pretense or defense possible, and seeing what flows from there.  

where you put your focus becomes the world you live in – and this open hearted way of living does not have to be reserved for moments after a crisis. the reality is, when we are serving from a connected, present place, rather than out of obligation, it is energizing, not draining. and every act of connected service brings us closer to the tipping point of a new and more congruent collective consciousness.

each day, we have the choice to look into each other’s eye’s more often than we look down at our phones… to trust that we can both thrive personally and serve abundantly… to know that even in our fear, we can love… that we can strengthen ourselves and each other by building heartlines, rather than becoming paralyzed by headlines.  

you are so much more powerful, beautiful and amazing than you likely realize, and NOW is your soul’s time to offer the beautiful gifts you were created to share.
with love,


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