thanks(giving) and receiving

giving and receiving


blessed gratitude day dear ones,

for the first time in my 41 thanksgiving days i’ve been alive and in this country, i have no holiday specific plans for today. for the last 13 years one of my dear friends and i have co-hosted a “friendsgiving” filled with our tofu turkeys, sweet potato cornbread and cranberry buckle (i still don’t know the difference between a cobbler and a buckle, but she promises me there is one). but last month she moved away from california, and a few months before that we moved out of the home which so sweetly held all those gatherings, so i sit here in the liminal space, one tradition completed, a new one not yet created, and open my heart to the spaciousness of the day.

in the space, with much else stripped away, what i feel into the word of the day itself… thanks and giving. the “thanks” is for all we receive – and the “giving” is for all we are offering. but really, the two are one in the same.  

at a quantum level, we are (the entire universe is) made up acoustical waves. what we call cells or what we call anything, is simply (and miraculously) a patterned combination of frequencies. like the acoustic waves that we experience in the form audible sounds, frequencies go through us, activating responses from us.

what we give our attention or intention to, we automatically take from. you cannot give without receiving. you cannot take without giving something back. the laws of the universe make this so.

since everything we give gives back, it is helpful to be intentional about how and to what we are giving our time, energy and attention. when we give with conditions or out of incongruent conditioning and “shoulds,” the frequency becomes dissonant and we are likely to end up feeling depleted, burned out or resentful, with little room to experience authentic gratitude.

but we are biochemically designed to give and receive in an aligned way. our body rewards us with a rush of feel-good chemicals and expansiveness when we give and receive things congruent with our deepest truth. when we give under duress, or misplace our focus, the brilliant barometer that is our body let’s us know we are off mark by flooding itself with stress hormones and contraction. the former leaves us feeling renewed and inspired to give even more, the latter leaves us depleted and shut off from the true source of life that is relationship and connection.

start where you are.

rather than jumping to trying to find the gift in your pain, simply and intentionally offer thanks for all that, right now, IS in alignment in your life. amplify these parts, so that, like a powerfully contagious song that can slowly get everyone dancing, every part of us moves to a more resonant rhythm. eventually, even the painful aspects of life can be moved through with grace and even gratitude.

i am so grateful for all you offer to me, and all you allow me to offer to you. in just taking the time and attention to read this letter, our hearts dance as one.

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