guided onward


blessed new year dear ones!

today and tomorrow we sit in the auspicious time where one chapter ends and the next begins.  there is so much richness in these times – when all that no longer serves can be composted into the cosmic garden of life – when all the seeds for all that we hope for can be planted.

this past year, another doozy for us all, has been a time of massive transition in my own life. i moved, completed a 14 year run of teaching yoga classes, started working at two new wellness centers, and committed to putting out the gifts i’m on this earth to offer at a new level. part of this commitment included launching a series of “soul oriented” classes and retreats to support others in living a life more aligned with the essence of who they are. everything in my life that i’ve ever put energy into has has something to do with illuminating life at a soul level, so this feels like an exciting and natural next step.

sometimes it’s hard to remember to see each other and ourselves as the souls that we are.

…a body is something that contains you

… a thought is something that flows through you

 … a place is somewhere you’ve lived

  …a family is the people you’ve lived with

   …a job is some of what you do with your time

    …a hobby is some of what else you do

     …an identity is something you claim

      …a personality is something you express

       …a soul is the essence of the YOU experiencing all of these things.

you, as a soul, transcend and include every aspect of yourself – that you that includes your whole self unconditionally and ALL-conditionally.  

your soul, like all beautiful and real things, is not easily understood or explained, but when we experience life at this level we feel it. there is a resonance – with serendipitous, shiver-down your spine kind of connections and moments that dissolve all the illusions of being disconnected or alone.

your soul knows what you don’t yet know you know.

so today, at a time of year when there is a huge focus on what goals you want to focus on in your life, i encourage you first to consider what you, as a soul, desires.

  • what aspects of yourself have fragmented off in order to fit in or avoid conflict?
  • what longing knocks on your door over and over again but remains yet unanswered?
  • what did you love as a child that have been gathering dust in the closet of your psyche and want to come back out to play?
  • what gifts would you love to offer your community.. our world.. if only…?  

now is the time. the messy stew of our world needs the seasoning that only you can offer.

make life easier and commit, today, to making this coming year one that is oriented to the knowing you have at your soul.

below is a simple little exercise i created to help you start wiping the fog off the mirror and seeing your soul a little more clearly. enjoy!

with love,


*use your name (whatever name you most resonate with and enjoy being called – it can be your birth name, a nickname or even a name you’ve always identified with, but never gone by). write out the letters of the name, vertically, like this:





then close your eyes and recall a time in your life when you felt most alive, energized and resonate with your truest self — it could be from childhood or adulthood. if no time comes to mind – make it up! the physiology of our bodies doesn’t discriminate in responsiveness to what really happened and what we are imagining is happening. let your visualization be as vivid and detail rich as possible. if you’d like you could even draw or write out this experience to enhance the feeling of it. then, go back to your name paper and write down a word that is resonate with how you felt in that experience, that corresponds with each letter. remember – you can’t get it wrong! just write out the first, positive, energizing and congruent word that comes to mind. then see if one or more these words could become mantra words for you to focus on amplifying in the coming year

personal example from when i did this exercise:








One thought on “guided onward

  1. I love this article! Thanks for your always fresh perspective!

    By the way do you know Annette Hurst? She just made an online contribution to CWOW for $500! I was so excited. It came in just before midnight your time!

    Enjoy your time with Jesse and Ymke! It looked fun!



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