in (co)operation


greetings dear friends,

wednesday morning i awoke at 4:30am and took myself, along with a satchel of altar items (gemstones, cards, candles, etc.), up to the roof of our current home for a ritual underneath the eclipsing full (blue, blood, and super) moon. i soaked in the lunar power, and offered back my gratitude, reverence and requests for all that i desire to come in this next month, individually and collectively. i do these types of rituals often, especially when the moon is showing off with notable magnificence, and have seen powerful, even miraculous, shifts in my life afterward.

does my altar time alter the course of actual events or just my perception of, and ability to move with, them? does it matter?

one of the wisest women on the planet right now, caroline casey, says…

“magic is simply the willingness to cooperate with everything”

we are never operating on own and not one of us can control the patterns of the universe at whim. but we also aren’t ever left alone, powerlessly faced to deal with however life is happening TO us. rather we are in cooperation with a life that happening WITH us and FOR us… operating, creating, dancing along with all the other rhythms of the universe. we don’t just have the *option* to do this — in every single moment of our lives we *are* in this.  every thought you have is creative, and adding a thread to the weaving of your reality.

when practicing the art of improv, the main instruction is simply to say “yes” to whatever comes your way. the truth is, life is an improv performance… and when we accept the reality that lands in our path without resistance, then we are invited to the stage to come co-create the next moment of reality together. what we resist, persists. but what we play along with, plays along with us – and suddenly an abundance of untapped, bound up resourcefulness, resilience and creativity can flow from us.

life doesn’t stop being what it is simply because we heckle and argue against what we don’t like from the sidelines… but it will begin to transform, and so will we, when we open our hearts and say “yes, this is happening and i can choose what meaning i give it and collaborate toward what i desire to come next.”

“cooperators are standing by,” caroline casey also reminds us, inviting our peripheral vision to expand to see where the allies, gifts and untapped resources are within us and around us. this is where energy unleashes and magic unfolds effortlessly.

how much energy are you spending pushing against, refusing to accept, what is? where else could you use that energy this month, in support of co-creating what you desire?

in co-operation and love,


**below is an exercise to help uncover and shift the energy of anything you’ve been challenged by saying yes to…

***if you are interested in following the work of the marvelous and magically wise caroline casey – you can learn more and listen to her radio show here:

soul oriented exercise:

the following exercise will help discover where you are resisting your life, and open up energy that has been previously bound. find a time when you have 15-20 minutes of time that you can mindfully journal about the following questions. if you are feeling stuck or want more support, feel free to reach out to me!

*what is something in your life that you are resisting right now?

*what do you feel is being kept from you because of whatever you are resisting?

*what emotion does this thing/person/circumstance evoke in you?

*is there anywhere in your body that feels tense or unsettled when you think of it?

**at this point, place your hands on any part of your body that feels tense, unsettled or in any way connected to this story. take a few slow deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth and make the sound of frustration, powerlessness or whatever emotion feels resonant. then say “sometimes i feel so… (fill in the blank of the emotion that’s here)”

afterwards notice whatever shows up — any shift in the physical sensation? any other new awareness? then, come back to these questions when you are ready…

*what is the deeper need, underneath this circumstance, that’s not being met in your life right now? (space, self-care, love, acknowledgment, rest, etc.)

*is there any way in which you can offer yourself more of what you need, regardless of what’s happening?

*if you allowed yourself to say yes to and fully accept what is now, how might you be able to respond in a new way to bring forth what you desire?

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