time, less?

changing timegreetings friends,

a little less than a week ago, i flew across mountains, fields and time zones, back to california from the midwest where i had been leading a healing retreat and spending time with family and friends.  then, a couple days after arriving in SF, the clocks sprung forward on us all and my body once again did it’s best to conform to the shaky construction of time. ever since then my circadian rhythms have been playing catch up, springing forward, finding my way back into a routine that supports sustained energy through my day.

much of the world doesn’t conform to this sociological party game with time we call daylight savings time, including indiana where i grew up. where it does take place, there is a collective agreement to go along with this new time, admitting time is an illusionary construction and not “real” in any solid sense. quantum physics has long told us this, of course, and we agree to this knowing, twice a year at 2am when we all collectively agree to add or subtract an hour from our timepieces.

this understanding – that time is an illusion, can inform how we move life even beyond springing forward or falling back. when our stressed out, overloaded mind tells us that “there’s not enough time” to get everything done – or when our anxious or bored mind tells us “there’s too much time” to wait for what we want – we can respond with pausing and simply connecting to the moment. the amount of time we have is more closely connected to our perception of the amount of time we have, than to the number of seconds that tick away.

when we are fully focused and present, the ideas of time can melt away and the infinite space in each moment arises. this awareness shifts our priorities, perspective and level of energy. our rush becomes hushed, and we somehow meet the real needs of our day and life with ease.

these spacious moments come when you are deeply engaged in an activity you’re passionate about, or spending connected time with a person or animal, or in a place, you love. it can happen when we are exercising hard or meditating, or simply when we intentionally move our breath in, and then out of our body. the perception of spacious and gracious time comes whenever we are present enough to be in what is, rather than what we think otherwise should be. below are some ways to help hush the rush, and flow through life with the perception of perfect timing.

this month, as winter winds down and the signs of new life begin to emerge with spring, may we all pause long enough to feel the nowness of each moment — and time in a new, more fluid, spacious way.




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