interdependence day

interdependence day illustration

greetings friends —

last week around the solstice, when the sun was shining it’s peak number of hours, i danced on the roof with a small group of close friends. we laughed and posed for hilarious photos and made shadow puppets with our bodies high up on the building across the street. we created impromptu songs and moved our bodies freely and called out for one another to watch ourselves when one of us got a little too close to the roof’s edge.

i felt alive and light… grateful to be in a community of people who value wild expression and objective-free play through all ages of our lives. i felt fully seen and and able to see fully, all at once.

being with them in this way reminded me of the rhythms of my long summer days as a child, when my friends and i would create for the sake of creation and travel through our worlds, real and imagined.

it’s summer my friends — and mama nature is calling us to get out, engage in new creations, soak in the sun (or in my city’s case, the sweet layer of fog) and play. but for those of us who have spent even one minute tuned into the constant string of horrors of the news cycle, sometimes it can feel impossible to locate enough available energy to even consider ways to play and make sweet connection with your community.

today america, in it’s fractured state, observes independence day…  but perhaps true liberation and freedom comes not from the concept of independence from something, but from the experience of interdependence with all. becoming independent inherently implies separation from someone or something. this serves a purpose in certain moments of bondage, when one’s power has been stripped and their agency in life must be reclaimed, but as a way of life, the model of rugged individualism isn’t working and the visible wounds of living in this isolated way are everywhere. going it alone, protecting yourself at the expense of other’s wellbeing – as a country – or as an individual, disconnects us from the true nature of reality. 

technologically speaking the world is reflecting interconnectedness more than ever, and in the face of that, our addiction to tribal and isolationist thinking becomes increasingly toxic and dissonant to our beings.

when we see ourselves as individual beings trying to stay afloat with all that is happening “to” us or our world, connected to our devices, but disconnected from the multi-dimensional reality of the stories we are in taking in, we can feel flat, two-dimensional,  anxious and depressed. from this vantage point, things appear to get worse and worse, stress heightens and the most common instinct, micro or macro, is to isolate further in fear and a false notion of some form of an “other” who is against us and must be fought against.

it serves no one to put our heads in the clouds and ignore the atrocities happening in our country and beyond right now, nor does it serve to bury our heads under the covers in despair and ignore all the beauty and miracles that are unfolding around us every day. when we stay engaged and present as part of the larger whole, there’s room and resourcefulness to respond to it all.

we are all in that all together, friends. the air you breathe out is the air I breathe in. in fact that air contains the same molecules that every living thing that’s ever lived and died on this earth has breathed. pausing to bring attention to your breath, by design, reminds our system of our interwoven nature.

it’s easy to focus only on what’s been taken, or what we fear will be taken, but what if we each shifted our focus to what we are adding to our collective right at this moment? every thought and action you engage with ripples through us all, for better or for worse.

may we each feel supported and connected enough to choose the thoughts and actions that are the most engaging, energizing, beneficial to the whole and lead toward true liberation. and may today, in this country and beyond, be a celebration of our interdependence day – a chance to compost the idea of “other,” step out of isolation and despair and begin to dance, sing, create art and be in the community.

interdependently with you,


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