Swing Around The Rosy… And Not So Rosy

Hello friends,

Last week in the Bay Area, Mama Nature sent out a very clear message that we had gone from Summer to Fall. On Tuesday and Wednesday the outside temp in our city’s normally mild atmosphere hit 100 degrees. By Friday the high was half of that and suddenly our tank tops were covered by shirts… sweaters… jackets and gloves.

On Saturday, cold be damned, my husband and I had the most magical day. We spent hours just enjoying the particularly quiet, spacious day. We worked on the yard, sipped tea, laughed, took a nine mile urban hike over to our friends home where we had dinner and drifted to sleep that night feeling deeply content.

The next day the coin flipped and the day was filled with hiccups and disappointments. The sweetness and ease from the day before felt distant and sadness and frustration took their place.

The swings aren’t always so extreme… but they are always there. Some moments it feels like the magic of life is being handed to me in abundant display on a silver platter. Other moments life feels like a magical famine where nothing works right.

For me, living a Soul Oriented life means I can ride these emotions in their fullness, like a surfer rides the waves, knowing that they are temporary and tell me very little about the overall nature of the ocean of my life. When our energy is in motion… the e-motions flow more easily, without getting stuck in stories about what they may mean.

What I know for sure is that whatever I’m feeling now will not last. My wellbeing is not dependent on which emotions I have at any one moment, or even the circumstances that triggered those emotions, but on my ability to feel, express, gather any wisdom or direction for my life held within the emotion, and then move on.  Instead of trying to “feel better” it serves us to learn how to better feel. This is what allows presence and acceptance with what is, as it is.

May we each learn to swing around the rosy… and not so rosy… with more grace, whatever life’s momentary weather pattern.

Loving you,


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