I Create, Therefore I am

IMG_7268.jpgHello friends,

This month I’ve been feeling so tapped into my creative impulse. Through a fair amount of risk taking, stepping out of my comfort zone, deep physical and emotional clearing and a commitment to speaking up and prioritizing what felt pleasurable and enlivening to me… I feel more connected to the joy of being a creator than I have in years.

Although it’s true that I have written songs, drawn pictures, poured thousands of words onto the page this last month, creativity is not actually about any skill set I have, craft I’ve learned or even the innate talent I possess. Creativity is who I am… who you are… who we all are.

Creativity is the process by which life expresses itself. It is experienced most clearly when we follow what turns us on and brings us alive.  Our very existence came because of the desire and turn on that led into a process of creation. When we are plugged into our soul’s outlet – we feel alive. When we feel alive, it feels good to do what life does… create.

If you are inspired by what you are interacting with, you’ll likely notice an impulse to create something yourself. If you can catch that impulse before your judging mind comes in and tells you why you’re not an artist, chef, writer, etc, you may surprise yourself with what comes out. My sense is this is how our soul gives our gifts to the world… by receiving another’s gifts, feeling inspired, and returning a gift with our unique take.

If the strength of our own inner critic doesn’t divert our impulses, then often our fear of the outer critics will. These strategies are wisely designed to keep us safe. Once upon a time we were likely happily doing our natural creative thing when someone told us to –

Color in the lines…

Mouth the words in choir…

Stop wasting our time…

Pick up our mess…

Keep our voices down…

Whatever way our likely well meaning caregivers squashed us in an attempt to maintain order – we learn to comply. Through our compliance, we survived – both literal, physical survival (when you’re young, it’s vital to follow the rules and ethos of the people who feed and shelter you) but also socially (connection and belonging are basic human needs too.)

After downloading this programming as a child, we take over for the external haters by repeating the script ourselves through our lives – often with dramatic flair added (we can only come up with new ways to judge ourselves because we are creative, by the way… just saying).

Here’s the thing, just because someone else says it or we think it – doesn’t mean it’s true. What is actually “true”  is whatever brings us alive and turns us on. If something brings you joy, energy and juiciness in your body – then it’s resonant with your being and therefore is true. If something disconnects you from your body, creates rigidity and tension, edits or completely stifles your creative impulse  – it’s dissonant with your being, and therefore, for you, untrue.

What’s coming alive in you right now? What wants to be created or recreated through you? Start small… sing a song to yourself in the shower… tell someone a story – experienced or imagined – with as many juicy, descriptive details as you can conjure… make a meal where you are guided fully by what smells, tastes and looks beautiful and enticing to you in that moment.

The most important “end product” of your creation is not what you can put on display for the world – but rather what has come alive within you through the process.

Creatively yours,



2 thoughts on “I Create, Therefore I am

  1. Fantastic Ness, I love it. I never saw myself as creative, but we are all creative in different ways. Thanks for the reminder. Love you so much, Dad

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