Same Storm, Different Boats

different boats


Hi friends,

In my last “Healing In Place” newsletter, in late March, I shared how it’s never been more obvious that we are ultimately all one, not “the only one” struggling or isolated in our pain. This new pandemically human experience has touched just about every aspect of life on earth.  But it is also personal and we are each moving with specific challenges and circumstances. As I’ve heard it said a few times now through this…

“Same storm, different boats.”

My list of all that I am grateful for in my current boat is long. But my days aren’t without seasickness. I still have many moments of fear, exhaustion, grief.  I sometimes feel so deeply lonely, even with a loving partner and network of friends. I miss life before the storm and worry about life after. I feel the weight of loss of a world where physical human connection felt generally safe and easy.

But at times of massive change, our body is designed to experience such emotions. They are the responses of our wise systems, doing it’s best to adapt to new realities. So, my conscious mind is continuing the practice of making space for the emotions, acknowledging them as they come, and letting my body move and emote as it needs to in order to create more peace and less sticky thoughts.

But some thoughts do stick.

Sometimes they are in the form of  “seriously, people?” kind of judgements about how others are navigating these current realities. In these moments it feels a little like being in a group project in work or school and feeling like others are dropping the ball or have a vision that feels incompatible with mine.  When I catch myself here, I try to take a deep breath (as deep as I can with a mask on anyway) and do my best to move from my head to my heart and remember… different boats.

Other times the sticky thoughts are in the form of projected dystopian realities that are void of the in person touch and social gatherings that my life has always been so fueled by. When this dark cloud comes, I try to pause and be with the fear and grief underneath… making space for my powerful imagination to start conjuring up futures that I want to be a part of co-creating.

From here I remember that life is happening with us… even for us… not to us.  And, with our trusty old friend impermanence, we know that “this too shall pass,”

The current construction of our boats –  like our thoughts… roles… identities…this current storm…and even our bodies… won’t be here forever. So we carry on, and do our best to be present here, right now, with whatever gifts are available for us.

Sending love to each of you, with at least six to eight feet of physical distance, but fully connected in our hearts, regardless of which boat we are navigating life from right now.


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