Hocus-Pocus Focus

Hi friends,

Election day in America is just a few short days away. Or, for many of us, a few excruciatingly long days – and potentially sleepless nights – away – with who knows how much time in front us of even more uncertainty.

I hope beyond hope that we are all voting. Whatever your level of trust in the system is, it’s the one we’ve got right now and we can use it, with all it’s imperfection, to align with a future of leadership SO MUCH BETTER than what we’ve got now. As Rebecca Solient beautifully said “I think of voting as a chess move, not a valentine.”  This moment is calling for clear levels of spiritual, intellectual and creative strategies to call forth a more equitable and congruent future for our collective. 

But voting doesn’t stop on the ballot. We vote every single day with our attention. Where you put your focus is your hocus-pocus (on this Blue Moon Halloween day and beyond). 

The information we take in, like food or anything we ingest, becomes the building blocks of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual selves. 

What is your attention building within you? Is the way you are engaging with media, social and otherwise, leaving you energized, connected, clearer and inspired to take action or depleted, isolated and paralyzed with fear? How often are you taking breaks, and resting in order to integrate and digest the constant stream of new information?

Since our attention is the main commodity for most media sites, they are designed to grab our attention and keep it. 

These days I’ve been getting more curious about the votes my attention makes that don’t align with my deeper values or desires.

When I feel scared and unsettled, I sometimes sooth with information seeking that leads me down an internet rabbit hole. The latest culprit has been presidential polls. Yet, like the junk food, I usually leave feeling less connected and more depleted. Information like this, shallow and quick, is like a refined sugar rush. I sometimes feel a little better in the moment, but it’s nearly never enough to really soothe me. 

What happens in this election is not the end of any story or the final say on what is or is not possible for us. Whatever plays out, we will need to be clearer than ever about where and how we give our attention to support the continued unfolding of more equitable, aligned and harmonious collective life on this planet.

That’s gonna take a whole lot of hocus-pocus focus, for sure, but I have a vote of confidence in our power to do it. 


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