Spring Emergence

Happy Equinox week friends,  Today is the third day of Spring, and the air feels rich with hope. I’ve been sensing a turning point this last week, collectively and personally, with more spaciousness and potentiality available.  Thank you to all who reached out with love and care around the loss of my brother-in-law Jim in early February… andContinue reading “Spring Emergence”

Out of an Orange Colored Sky

Hello friends, Pre-dawn has always been my favorite time of day. The daytime hustle is still hushed, while most non-nocturnal animals, humans included, remain asleep. It is when I love to sip my matcha tea, explore waking dreams in front of my altar and present a water offering to my garden. During these rituals, theContinue reading “Out of an Orange Colored Sky”

A New Kind of Resilience

“Resilience” is defined as…  The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. Hi friends –  I write this while breathing in smoky air from yet another devastating string of wildfires and thinking about how this year, perhaps more than any other, hasContinue reading “A New Kind of Resilience”

Discomfort… Growth’s Essential Worker

Hi friends, Whatever your 2020 vision might have been on January 1st, this year has been a doozy no one could have predicted. The full range of emotions have been pounding through our collective and individual bodies like waves, bringing the debris from the depths of the waters onto shore to be reckoned with. I don’tContinue reading “Discomfort… Growth’s Essential Worker”

Same Storm, Different Boats

  Hi friends, In my last “Healing In Place” newsletter, in late March, I shared how it’s never been more obvious that we are ultimately all one, not “the only one” struggling or isolated in our pain. This new pandemically human experience has touched just about every aspect of life on earth.  But it isContinue reading “Same Storm, Different Boats”