pause, breathe, soften… love

dear friends, being overseas, mostly offline except for uploading some photos now and then – immersed in mama’s nature’s radiance and in relationship with so many beautiful, powerful souls, for an entire month was a sweet and rejuvenating respite. my time, in both indonesia and japan, was rich beyond measure, and i’m still integrating atContinue reading “pause, breathe, soften… love”

falling leaves, spaces left

blessed equinox dear ones, the first twenty-one years of my life were lived in indiana and then massachusetts, where each year at this time, the foliage began an explosion of color and the air turned crisp like the apples. for the last twenty years, i’ve called the temperate, somewhat seasonless, climate of san francisco home,Continue reading “falling leaves, spaces left”

these are the emotions in your neighborhood

greetings friends, last week i went to see “won’t you be my neighbor?” a documentary about fred (mr.) rogers and his iconic television show that helped raise so many children in late twentieth century america. my inner child and i sat in the theatre remembering this man who was our television neighbor, ally, friend andContinue reading “these are the emotions in your neighborhood”

thanks(giving) and receiving

  blessed gratitude day dear ones, for the first time in my 41 thanksgiving days i’ve been alive and in this country, i have no holiday specific plans for today. for the last 13 years one of my dear friends and i have co-hosted a “friendsgiving” filled with our tofu turkeys, sweet potato cornbread andContinue reading “thanks(giving) and receiving”