fearlessness not required.

dear friends, this morning the moon shone at it’s fullest point in this cycle, doing what full moons do…. arousing emotions, illuminating all that has been in the dark lately and reminding us that there is a design and a rhythm beyond our ability to control or, really, to even comprehend. this particular full moonContinue reading “fearlessness not required.”

reality beyond the realistic

greetings friends – i’m writing to you from the very sunny state of colorado, where i’m participating this weekend in a healing retreat with dr. donny epstein. as some of you may know donny is a masterful and magical teacher, and the creator of my main modality, somato respiratory integration (SRI), among many other revoluntionary healing technologies. i have come to many retreatsContinue reading “reality beyond the realistic”

a labyrinth like life

greetings dear ones, today marks the winter solstice… the predictable shifting in this hemisphere from increasing darkness to increasing light. in recent days, when little in our collective experience has felt predictable, or very light, it seems especially welcome to remember the consistency of the solar rotations. no matter what happened through the night, the sun comes up in theContinue reading “a labyrinth like life”