plugging in when the power goes out

  hi friends, i’m writing this around 10am on a monday morning. when i woke up this morning i assumed that i would be teaching a yoga class at this time, as i do most monday mornings. however, when i arrived to jewish community center where i teach, the power was out, and would beContinue reading “plugging in when the power goes out”

stuck in the middle with me

happy full moon friends! i had started writing this newsletter several times this month, but kept hitting a stopping point. there were many external factors (i.e. excuses) that i could point to, but when it comes down to it, i just felt a stuck. i changed my topic focus about ten different times (and nowContinue reading “stuck in the middle with me”

pushing the creative edges you didn’t know you had

greetings friends, i returned home earlier this week from the magical village of ashland, oregon. i spent the much of last week there hanging with and performing alongside my husband, filmmaker/musician jeremy rourke, who had live expanded cinema performances featured in the film festival there. it was a full and beautiful week, both supporting hisContinue reading “pushing the creative edges you didn’t know you had”

my gregarious, gorgeous grandfather

on friday morning i got word that my grandfather harold, father to my mother, left his body and returned back into the unexplainable ether from which we all came. he was 91 years old and, up until this past year, had more energy and a busier schedule than most people i know half his age.Continue reading “my gregarious, gorgeous grandfather”