More (And Less) Than Words

 Hi friends – My life between stories continues. There are new shapes forming in my life, but they are hard to encapsulate with words. In fact, very little about this season of my life has felt adequately described by the current confines of the English language. Words can contain, restrain, liberate or isolate. Sometimes all atContinue reading “More (And Less) Than Words”

A Brief Composition On My Current Decomposition

Hi friends –  Three months, one full seasonal cycle ago, my marriage ended.  Sometimes this is what three months feels like. And sometimes, apparently, that is what twenty-one years looks like.  Linear time is a funny thing – as we all have learned in profound ways in these last two and quarter years. Linear timeContinue reading “A Brief Composition On My Current Decomposition”

On the Road, again

Hi friends –  It’s been a minute. Over three months full of minutes actually, since I last wrote.  For the last seven weeks, Jeremy and I have been road tripping around seeing (and hugging, laughing, crying and generally enjoying three dimensional, offline reality with) friends and family for the first time since  B.C. (Before Covid)Continue reading “On the Road, again”

Spring Emergence

Happy Equinox week friends,  Today is the third day of Spring, and the air feels rich with hope. I’ve been sensing a turning point this last week, collectively and personally, with more spaciousness and potentiality available.  Thank you to all who reached out with love and care around the loss of my brother-in-law Jim in early February… andContinue reading “Spring Emergence”