Hi friends, Sending you each so much love as we navigate this particularly important – and hopefully – tipping point in history. I do not sense this is the moment to share my particular framing of reality, as a white person. So I’m using the platform I have here this month to pass on some specific resources that have been […]

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Same Storm, Different Boats

  Hi friends, In my last “Healing In Place” newsletter, in late March, I shared how it’s never been more obvious that we are ultimately all one, not “the only one” struggling or isolated in our pain. This new pandemically human experience has touched just about every aspect of life on earth.  But it is […]

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Crisis… Chrysalis

Hello Friends, When a caterpillar is born, it contains all the necessary innate wisdom to one day, when the conditions are right, transform itself into a butterfly. Up until then, it just does it’s caterpillar thing, crawling and eating… crawling and eating… crawling and eating….with, I like to imagine, an occasional glance up; curiosity piqued […]

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Interconnected Immunity

Hi Friends, Interconnectedness is my favorite law of nature; I typically feel deep comfort and energy in knowing that: We are all one & Anything that happens to one of us, happens to all of us & Separation and isolation are illusions that leave us stuck in unnecessary suffering But, sometimes it feels tempting – […]

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Don’t be Self”ish”

Hello friends, I remember sitting in my family’s Aerostar minivan, circa 1987, passionately singing along with Whitney with all my 10 year gusto… “Because the great-t-test, love of all, is happ-pppening to meeeeeee…. I found the great–t–test love all, inside of meeee..” Sadly, even at this young age, I was well practiced at condemning my […]

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I Create, Therefore I am

Hello friends, This month I’ve been feeling so tapped into my creative impulse. Through a fair amount of risk taking, stepping out of my comfort zone, deep physical and emotional clearing and a commitment to speaking up and prioritizing what felt pleasurable and enlivening to me… I feel more connected to the joy of being a […]

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From A Void To A Voice

Hello friends, I’ve always valued authentic and full expression and have done my best to communicate accordingly, at least most of the time. From the time I was young, I held the role in my family and friend groups as a “truth teller,” often enthusiastically taking the hand (or in this case the trunk) of […]

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My Self… Centered.

Hello friends, I was one of those kids who loved to be in the spotlight. Maybe it was because, as a pastor’s kid, I was born into the gaze of a large community, or maybe it’s just in my nature, but I took to my role on stage with gusto. The attention felt welcome, fueling […]

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