Crisis… Chrysalis

Hello Friends,

When a caterpillar is born, it contains all the necessary innate wisdom to one day, when the conditions are right, transform itself into a butterfly. Up until then, it just does it’s caterpillar thing, crawling and eating… crawling and eating… crawling and eating….with, I like to imagine, an occasional glance up; curiosity piqued by a mysterious winged creature flying above her.

And then one day, based on a subtle prompting of nature, the caterpillar begins to self-destruct, literally turning it’s body inside out, digesting and regurgitating its own innards creating a protective container that holds it’s now liquified self.
During this period, called chrysalis, the caterpillar soup slowly begins to take a new shape. It’s a time of uncertainty, shapelessness and potentiality, all fragilely contained within a self-created shell.

This current coronavirus crisis is our own sort of collective chrysalis; a time of uncertainty, shapelessness and potentiality.

Like the caterpillar, most of the systems that were crawling along have stopped, plans that were being arranged have been put on hold and the overall shape of life for each of us individually and collectively has been turned inside out.

And now, life as we knew it, for the entire world, is on hold, with no clear path of what might be next. Many of us are actually, quite literally, cocooned inside our homes. Others are scrambling to find what’s necessary in order to safely cocoon. Still others are creating new makeshift cocoons every day to keep life intact for themselves and their loved ones.

We don’t know how long this time of pause will be. As much as our mind desperately wants details, the only real certainty we can give ourselves is what we know in this moment, contained in the sensations in our body and the movement of our breath… right… now.

Once we’ve taken a breath and gotten into our bodies – then our minds can more resourcefully stretch beyond the details floating through the newsfeed and start hooking into a bigger guiding story and vision of what could be.

The caterpillar that was our collective reality before this is no longer. Like all pinnacle moments in history, there’s no “going back” to normal. But, at some point there will be a going forward into something new.  An emergence from this current cocoon.

The possible futures ahead of us are infinite. The shapes and colors the wings that will emerge from this cocoon are yet to be defined. It takes massive change to make massive change; the available energy from all that is crumbling is undeniable, and it there for us to create something new.

What will breakthrough from this crisis/chrysalis has everything to do with which parts of ourselves, individually and collectively, we invite to take shape in our consciousness. It is a chance for realignment to begin in a significant way and the more we can envision what’s possible and start taking those shapes – from the view inside our cocoon – the more effortlessly that future can unfold.

But for now… don’t feel like you must make anything take shape. This liminal space gives us permission to release the effort of maintaining what was as well as the struggle of figuring out what will be. Right now, as much as you are able, practice simply being with each unformed moment… doing what you must to feel safe… feeling all your feelings… connecting to what and who brings you  hope and joy… and dreaming up the colors of your wings once you emerge.


Interconnected Immunity

Hi Friends,

Interconnectedness is my favorite law of nature; I typically feel deep comfort and energy in knowing that:

We are all one


Anything that happens to one of us, happens to all of us


Separation and isolation are illusions that leave us stuck in unnecessary suffering

But, sometimes it feels tempting – and even prudent – to isolate.

Sometimes viruses of potential pandemic proportions loom at every social gathering and  doorknob…

Sometimes the choices that our government makes can feel toxic and out of alignment with all that feels right and congruent…

Sometimes other people just feel so, well, “other”, that I’d rather sequester myself and a few choice allies into a nice little bubble and ignore the rest.

And there’s wisdom in all these… sometimes and temporarily. Making life smaller and more manageable when you are in breakdown, and the threats are large, can be a restorative short term strategy, personally and collectively. The problem comes when we stay there… operating from that place of protectionism.

In order to build our spirits, or immune systems, back up to a more robust place, we must stay in the fullness of life – in relationship with all those “other” parts we’d like to avoid.

True thriving comes not from how much “badness” we can avoid, but rather from how large a range we can be with and adapt to. When we are physically healthy, our immune systems can process, integrate and filter out a huge range of potential threats. It’s the same with our psyche.

Treating all parts of ourselves with compassion, humor and grace, we witness more parts of others, and we can be with them. It doesn’t mean we always agree and align, but we are able to be present with whatever arises. In this resourced place, we can see toxic patterns or injustice and disconnection and respond wisely – rather than running away or reacting with defense.

In the last few months my ideas about relationships have been stretched in new ways.

One of my oldest friends had health complications that nearly led to her death before a miraculously successful liver transplant happened…

My parents came to live in San Francisco for nearly two months, so we shared day to day life for the first time since I was a child…

And my husband and I have been doing deep therapeutic work, upgrading our understandings and ways of being in partnership, to support both of our fullest expressions.

All of these have been beautiful, and unsettling, opportunities for me to compost old structures and build new frameworks of relating and dancing with the people I love most.

Over the next two or three months in my newsletters, I’ll be writing a series of articles about my ideas of what it means to be in Soul Oriented relationships – expressed through the specific ways we relate to ourselves, people we love, people we find difficulty loving and to the greater patterns of our world.

I will explore ideas about our “needs” being met…. What to do when challenging relationships call for new and updated boundaries…. When, and why, to speak up and when you might stay quiet…. Tools for how to be with a seemingly impossible impasse.

Thank you for staying in relationship with my journey – and sharing yours with me. Our collective will get through these current crises, as we’ve gotten through infinite others. Along the way, I’m grateful for the ways we can support one another to feel more resourced.

Interconnectedly yours through whatever waves come,


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Don’t be Self”ish”


Hello friends,

I remember sitting in my family’s Aerostar minivan, circa 1987, passionately singing along with Whitney with all my 10 year gusto…

“Because the great-t-test, love of all, is happ-pppening to meeeeeee…. I found the great–t–test love all, inside of meeee..”

Sadly, even at this young age, I was well practiced at condemning my body, doubting my instincts, shaming my desires, suppressing my needs and being hyper focused on my perception of everyone else’s needs. The words of this song felt like an anthem of liberation – permission to throw off the shackles of self-hatred, stretch the confines of the theology of sin, and break free from the prison of relying on external validation I had learned from the culture around me. I could proudly declare that I had (we all had!) the key to the deepest, most satisfying love of all within ourselves.

And not only that, but Ms. Houston believed I (and all the other children) were the future who would usher in and lead this revolution of self love. Something in my awoke with that song, and hasn’t gone back to sleep.

The problem with self-love is that it’s usually only self-“ish” —  most of us define self-care as something done only out of desperation, once we are totally spent after taking care of every other possible person or duty. Or possibly we allow ourselves to be “spoiled” with a treat on special days or reward ourselves after so successfully successfully suppressing our needs.

This paradigm leaves everyone unsatisfied. When we fill our cups only after they’ve been fully emptied and then spend the rest of our time filling everyone else’s or demanding they fill ours, no one’s true thirst is quenched.

When we ignore our own needs for long enough we can become the kind of self-”ish” that gets such a bad rap.  At this point of burn out there’s literally no more energy to give to anyone else and we become isolated and unaware of others needs. Our hearts are too tired to be open.

But here’s the deal – at our cores we were created to serve, support and love one another. We are literally biologically rewarded for helping and connecting with others. So when we are connected to our natural flows, service is effortless… even energizing. Receiving and giving become one act.

When I hang out at the tap of what feels pleasurable and aligned and energizing for ME, I not only stay FILLED UP and TURNED ON, but I also feel TUNED IN… and my overflowing cup bathes everyone around me with more love, light and energy.

When we release the obligation or shoulds – it can feel amazing to offer something that someone else desires. When our cup is full, we don’t even have to try… it happens organically. Instead of becoming self-centered, we find ourselves centered in ourselves and able to in more authentic relationship.

So this month, as we approach Valentine’s day, I invite you to stop being self-”ish” – and commit to being self-“full”– to follow your nudges, indulge your desires and take every single responsibility you have and turn it into the ability to respond to in a way that feels good and aligned for you.

May we each shift burn out by turning up delights… and soften into the trust that tending to our own needs IS tending to the needs of those you love and ultimately the worlds.

Loving you, by loving me,


Roaring 2020s: Listening In & Speaking Up


Welcome to this new decade friends!

As I’ve been calling up my 2020 vision over this past week, the themes of speaking out, discovering what brings me pleasure and following what I desire, have all shown up. As I’ve done for many years as part of my new years envisioning, I drew one tarot card to offer a possible focus/insight for my coming year. 

Imagine my disappointment when the “hermit” card show up. 

Dismayed, feeling like this monastic, seemingly isolating archetype was hardly supportive of the awake, vocal, turned on woman I feel myself becoming, I almost stuck it back in the deck and started over. After all, I use the cards as a tool of illuminating what I already know, not rigidly or predictively. 

But after the initial reaction passed, it struck me that this card was an invitation to turn down the external speakers and hear my own voice clearer than ever. How can I speak out if I haven’t listened in? 

Right on cue, I woke up this morning, the first full day of this new decade of speaking out, with full on laryngitis. The divine has a sense of humor. 

Instead of carrying on with the plans I had with friends and family, like I may have done back in the 2010s, I took this as an internal message to stop, drop my plans and listen. This is the pattern interruption I’ve been calling in, where I act upon my own rhythms, even if they might disappoint others.

Like most of us, I was taught to distrust my natural rhythms, cravings and desires. I learned that much of what I wanted to do, eat, experience, etc was rooted in my sinful/weak nature and came from my greed, selfishness, gluttony and lust – all characteristics I’d be best to train myself out of. 

But in my understanding of reality, every being at their core is innately loving, open and desires meaningful connection. Despite how off track much of our conditioning has taken us, all of desires bubble up to support life, love and our true nature of interconnectedness.

Anything repressed will eventually get expressed, usually toxically. When, instead, we say yes to these initial impulses of any desire, we can respond to their innate wisdom, rather than react out of compliance or rebellion. 

If we bring these unsavory parts into the light we may see that… 

Our “greed” is here to reconnect us with the abundant nature of the universe… 

Our “selfishness” is here to keep us connected and in full relationship with the unique aspect of nature that we were created to express… 

Our “gluttony” is here to ensure we are amply fueled and nourished… 

Our “lust” is here to remind us that our senses were designed for pleasure and to keep the flow of creation (including, but not limited to, procreation) going.

When I woke up to my voiceless body today, I chose to lean in, follow my body’s cue and choose a full day of intentional silence (Enter hermit, stage left).

Saying yes to my desires and natural rhythms like this consistently leaves me in a more energized, expansive and aligned space, able to give my soul’s gifts to others so much more effortlessly and abundantly. (Exit all of my conditioning to the contrary stage right) 

Instead of deciding what to deny yourself this year, perhaps these first few days of this new decade can be a moment to listen in and hear what desires are speaking up within you. Would love to hear what arises!

Selfishly, greedily, gluttonously, lustfully and soulfully,



I Create, Therefore I am

IMG_7268.jpgHello friends,

This month I’ve been feeling so tapped into my creative impulse. Through a fair amount of risk taking, stepping out of my comfort zone, deep physical and emotional clearing and a commitment to speaking up and prioritizing what felt pleasurable and enlivening to me… I feel more connected to the joy of being a creator than I have in years.

Although it’s true that I have written songs, drawn pictures, poured thousands of words onto the page this last month, creativity is not actually about any skill set I have, craft I’ve learned or even the innate talent I possess. Creativity is who I am… who you are… who we all are.

Creativity is the process by which life expresses itself. It is experienced most clearly when we follow what turns us on and brings us alive.  Our very existence came because of the desire and turn on that led into a process of creation. When we are plugged into our soul’s outlet – we feel alive. When we feel alive, it feels good to do what life does… create.

If you are inspired by what you are interacting with, you’ll likely notice an impulse to create something yourself. If you can catch that impulse before your judging mind comes in and tells you why you’re not an artist, chef, writer, etc, you may surprise yourself with what comes out. My sense is this is how our soul gives our gifts to the world… by receiving another’s gifts, feeling inspired, and returning a gift with our unique take.

If the strength of our own inner critic doesn’t divert our impulses, then often our fear of the outer critics will. These strategies are wisely designed to keep us safe. Once upon a time we were likely happily doing our natural creative thing when someone told us to –

Color in the lines…

Mouth the words in choir…

Stop wasting our time…

Pick up our mess…

Keep our voices down…

Whatever way our likely well meaning caregivers squashed us in an attempt to maintain order – we learn to comply. Through our compliance, we survived – both literal, physical survival (when you’re young, it’s vital to follow the rules and ethos of the people who feed and shelter you) but also socially (connection and belonging are basic human needs too.)

After downloading this programming as a child, we take over for the external haters by repeating the script ourselves through our lives – often with dramatic flair added (we can only come up with new ways to judge ourselves because we are creative, by the way… just saying).

Here’s the thing, just because someone else says it or we think it – doesn’t mean it’s true. What is actually “true”  is whatever brings us alive and turns us on. If something brings you joy, energy and juiciness in your body – then it’s resonant with your being and therefore is true. If something disconnects you from your body, creates rigidity and tension, edits or completely stifles your creative impulse  – it’s dissonant with your being, and therefore, for you, untrue.

What’s coming alive in you right now? What wants to be created or recreated through you? Start small… sing a song to yourself in the shower… tell someone a story – experienced or imagined – with as many juicy, descriptive details as you can conjure… make a meal where you are guided fully by what smells, tastes and looks beautiful and enticing to you in that moment.

The most important “end product” of your creation is not what you can put on display for the world – but rather what has come alive within you through the process.

Creatively yours,



From A Void To A Voice

soul storage illustrationHello friends,

I’ve always valued authentic and full expression and have done my best to communicate accordingly, at least most of the time. From the time I was young, I held the role in my family and friend groups as a “truth teller,” often enthusiastically taking the hand (or in this case the trunk) of whichever elephant remained unacknowledged in the room. With age and experience, I’ve developed more skill and discernment on how, what and when something is shared…. but still, I usually favor risking too much transparency over the possibility of anything being left in the closet.

Lately however, I’ve been discovering some closet contents I didn’t even know existed. It’s as though my soul is leading me down a hallway to dusty old psyche storage units. Inside I’m discovering a whole range of thoughts and emotions that I’d almost wholly disconnected from. Little waves of annoyance, anger, impatience, frustration, pettiness and coveting have emerged right alongside huge stores of repressed desire, unexpressed joy and liberating permission to be in my fullness.

Our psyche will do all in it’s power to keep our experience consistent with our ideas of ourselves and the world. Since having too many needs did not fit into my conditioned model of relationships, younger versions of myself simply packed up any desires, wants or needs that seemed like too much or in any way selfish into one of these far away storage containers. Since experiencing any thought or emotion considered “negative” was deemed as toxic and ungodly, most of those got packed away too.

Moments of not especially liking someone I loved? 

Waves of sadness without a “justifiable” reason?

Challenges that just felt challenging, without a clear gift or deeper meaning in them? 

Aliveness triggered when I felt attracted to someone other than my partner?

Disappointment that I wasn’t getting what I wanted, and judgment/jealousy toward those who seemed to be?

… All neatly and mostly unconsciously regulated to the shadowed corners of my being.

This social survival strategy has had it’s wisdom of course. It allowed me to fit into the expectations of my family and culture and the “self” I knew myself to be…. not to mention diverting any threat to all my more beloved parts that are hopeful, expansive and trusting. But the strategy, like so many we adopt early, is outdated and the reconnection with these forgotten parts, although a bit scary and unsettling to my sense of self, is also awakening a freedom and authenticity that is far more enlivening.  Not to mention how much better my shoulders, neck and upper body feel. Repression is bad for our backs.

The deeper I go on the path of a Soul Oriented Life, the more I recognize the freedom of simply being with whatever arises, as it is. The frustration, annoyance and anger show me where I need to speak up, rearrange or simply give myself permission to take more space… the unexpressed joy show me where more courage and commitment is being called on.

When I can welcome all the parts of me that didn’t appear to “fit”, my sense of self and container for what’s allowed, expands. Instead of feeling less myself, I become more of myself. Instead of being paralyzed with fear that life as I know it will crumble, I can allow the dismantling as the start of remodeling what is possible.

The thing about all these avoided parts is that they aren’t actually void. They are ruling us behind the scenes, often in toxic or distorted ways. When we welcome them a-void becomes a-voice. And that voice can be heard along with the chorus of all your parts for whatever wisdom it has.

I invite you play with the Soul Oriented Exercise listed below as a way to initiate and support  your own unpacking process… and in this next month, consider the possibility that every single part of you has a voice that can’t serve you nearly as well in a void.

With love,



“From A Void To A Voice” 

Our conditioning around what is appropriate and safe runs deep in our system. All of us have inner guardians, doing their best to keep our thoughts, actions and life consistent with these ideas. But after awhile these paths of logic become pathological and keep us from expressing and experiencing the fullness of ourselves. Below is an exercise to start to explore the parts of yourself that have been avoided, in order to gain the wisdom of their voices. The purpose is not to “fix” this part, but to get the deeper wisdom behind it, in order to integrate an express yourself with more clarity and alignment with your truest intentions.

1. Make a list of qualities you see in others that are somehow “out of bounds” to you

They could be qualities that strongly repel or attract you, but namely that you don’t feel like you currently possess, for better or worse. Examples: selfish, arrogant, cruel, irreverent, loud, loose, bold, cunning, permissive, free, self-assured etc…. try to be general and concise… rather than describing the specific behavior, use the word that “sums” up the behavior in a qualitative way

2. Go back through and choose one quality that is most triggering or feels furthest from you in this moment. 

Any quality that carries an emotional charge will serve as fertile soil for this exercise.

3. On a blank piece of paper draw a picture that represents this quality.

It may be representative of how this part would look personified, or just any colors, images, markings that come out when you feel into this part of the human experience. There’s no need for it to be pretty or even obviously representative.

4. Pretend that for a moment that you have fully embodied this quality/persona and write a letter in their voice. 

The letter could include what this part believes… is desiring… feels like they are getting or not getting… deserves or doesn’t deserve…. etc. If you find yourself judging what’s coming out, rather than editing, try to amplify this quality that feels “wrong” – keep going with it until you’ve exhausted all that this part may be wanting to say.

5. Reread the letter and then pause and notice what’s coming up in your body and then place your hands on any place that feels uncomfortable, nauseous, unsettled or otherwise activated.

If nothing is feeling obvious now, place your hands somewhere you’ve noticed tension or discomfort lately. Now take a few breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth into this place and then say out loud
“Sometimes I am ____(fill in the blank with whatever quality you choose)___”
and continue to breathe into this part, notice what’s happening.

6. Explore this part of your body gently, and let this part of you “speak”

Gentle let your hands gently traction up, down, right and left, while you continue to breathe and make the sound of the place. You can’t get it wrong… any sound works… if nothing is coming, just make the sound of the frustration that nothing is coming.

7. Make an out loud acknowledgment to this part

It may be something like “I’m sorry I’ve ignored you” or “I’m listening now” and then take a few more gentle breaths, continuing with any sounds.

8. With your hands still on this part of your body, ask (out loud) “What do you need?” 

Then for at least a few breaths, just listen, noticing if anything arises (could be words, images, or just a sense of what this part of your is really needed to feel heard and integrated.

9. Acknowledge what you experienced, heard, etc. and thank yourself of exploring and playing in this way.

If you sensed an answer to the “what do you need?” write it down somewhere and practice looking for ways to give yourself more of this in the next month.

Swing Around The Rosy… And Not So Rosy

Hello friends,

Last week in the Bay Area, Mama Nature sent out a very clear message that we had gone from Summer to Fall. On Tuesday and Wednesday the outside temp in our city’s normally mild atmosphere hit 100 degrees. By Friday the high was half of that and suddenly our tank tops were covered by shirts… sweaters… jackets and gloves.

On Saturday, cold be damned, my husband and I had the most magical day. We spent hours just enjoying the particularly quiet, spacious day. We worked on the yard, sipped tea, laughed, took a nine mile urban hike over to our friends home where we had dinner and drifted to sleep that night feeling deeply content.

The next day the coin flipped and the day was filled with hiccups and disappointments. The sweetness and ease from the day before felt distant and sadness and frustration took their place.

The swings aren’t always so extreme… but they are always there. Some moments it feels like the magic of life is being handed to me in abundant display on a silver platter. Other moments life feels like a magical famine where nothing works right.

For me, living a Soul Oriented life means I can ride these emotions in their fullness, like a surfer rides the waves, knowing that they are temporary and tell me very little about the overall nature of the ocean of my life. When our energy is in motion… the e-motions flow more easily, without getting stuck in stories about what they may mean.

What I know for sure is that whatever I’m feeling now will not last. My wellbeing is not dependent on which emotions I have at any one moment, or even the circumstances that triggered those emotions, but on my ability to feel, express, gather any wisdom or direction for my life held within the emotion, and then move on.  Instead of trying to “feel better” it serves us to learn how to better feel. This is what allows presence and acceptance with what is, as it is.

May we each learn to swing around the rosy… and not so rosy… with more grace, whatever life’s momentary weather pattern.

Loving you,


My Self… Centered.

little nessy

Hello friends,

I was one of those kids who loved to be in the spotlight. Maybe it was because, as a pastor’s kid, I was born into the gaze of a large community, or maybe it’s just in my nature, but I took to my role on stage with gusto. The attention felt welcome, fueling both a sense of belonging and my natural charisma and creativity.

Thankfully I have parents who encouraged my creative sense of expression from the start. I was allowed to dress myself from as early as I was physically able – maybe two or three years old. Even when members of my parent’s small rural Indiana church would vocally express distaste for me showing up on a summer Sunday morning wearing multiple uneven pigtails, a Strawberry Shortcake pajama dress and neon moon boots, my parents defended my choice and style, assuring others that it had nothing to do with my holiness or lack thereof.

My love of wild expression and time in the spotlight never changed, but how and who I showed up as, eventually did. By early elementary school, I learned that it wasn’t proper to “want” to be seen, heard or viewed as significant. If and when it happened, along with any affirmations given, I was conditioned to graciously dismiss and deflect it. It seemed to be a sign of selfishness, lack of femininity and ungodliness to have a strong sense of self or to enjoy being celebrated. I absorbed the confusing messages to give my gifts freely but also to make sure I wasn’t taking any joy in doing it. I contorted and constrained my natural expression in order to avoid being arrogant, self-centered or just “too much.”

These lessons were both in public and in private, and were heightened by my inherited role of spiritual leadership, as a member of the pastor’s family. I remember being in the car with my mother around nine years old and passionately singing along to Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All.”  She turned off the radio mid-song and told me that “the greatest love of all” was not “inside of me” – the greatest love was the love of Jesus. Although my mother’s intentions with her children most certainly were to “teach them well and let them lead the way” — it was also clear that connecting to “the beauty (we) possess inside” was a slippery slope into secularism.

(To be fair, my amazing mother, like us all, has evolved in profound ways and may have a different theological interpretation of the song today.)

There were so many mixed messages like this – that I needed to accept and realize I was a unique and beloved child of God – but also, by my nature I was greedy, selfish and foolish. I learned that anything decent within me had nothing to do with me – and everything to do with what God was doing through me.

I can see the nuances and hold these paradoxes with more grace today.  As a young woman, however, these messages left me residing in a space of disconnection from and shameful distaste for my body and soul that I have continued unwinding for much of my adult life.

By now, in my forties, I have embraced my love for being in the light. In most moment, I rest in who I am, with all my quirks and confusions and contradictions and messy edges.

It’s not surface affirmation for things I’ve done that ultimately fuels me, but being seen and celebrated for the fullness of who I am. Not everyone is energized by standing on stages or taking leadership roles, but I am, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s clear to me now that my desire for personal significance is actually the portal through which I give the greatest level of collective contribution. When I do what I naturally LOVE and shine fully for who I AM without deflection or apology, others are given permission to be unbound in their fullness too.

There’s no one for us to become – just our essence to fully come out with. In our natural state we each shine — and were created to be seen, heard and celebrated – not for what we’ve done – but for the full on amazingness of who we are as a soul. When we see and are seen in this way, giving our gifts becomes effortless, because we realize our presence is the gift.

Instead of fighting self-centeredness, I have permission to be centered in myself. What a relief.

With the greatest love of all.. inside, outside and through it all…



IMG_6209 2

Greetings Dear Ones –

In my line of work, illusions can get a bad rap. In the context of healing and coaching, I’m often questioning the stories that may be unconsciously ruling our lives. Our mind is constantly playing tricks on us – robbing us from the gifts of the past, aliveness of the present and limitlessness of the future by projecting our conditioned version of “reality” over it all.

Often we simply watch our script of life playing out.

But even in those moments of full presence when we meet life with our eyes wide open, illusions are still at work. When I look at a tree, I’m not seeing the literal tree. The cells in my retina absorb and convert light into electrochemical impulses carried through the optic nerve in my brain, which then does it’s best to translate the impulses into a picture of what I have learned to call “tree”.

The genetic condition in my ears, which affects the mechanical functioning of my hearing, has led to many experiences where I *perfectly* heard something the person never said. They may have said “please pass the potatoes” and I heard, clear as day, “I sneezed past the tomatoes” Since my ear bones had fused together impeding the clear signals, my brain stitched it together to resemble some form of language, even if it was a bit nonsensical.

All of our senses, including our sixth sense, are constantly transmitting information through our central nervous system, which then works to translate these waves into a digestible reality in sync with our current understanding.

This reality is only as fixed as we perceive it to be. But the true reality is multi-dimensional, and stretches far beyond anything that any of our senses can comprehend or our linear minds can conceptualize.

When our experience doesn’t match what we have come to know – our minds either disregard it completely or do their best to whip up a new box that can hold an understanding about whatever just happened. When this doesn’t work – we call it  supernatural… miraculous… magic.

Speaking of magic, last weekend I attended a show of the illusionist, Brad Barton,“The Reality Thief”.  He spent the show bending our linear time and space understandings, asking our minds to do olympic level gymnastic moves.

I certainly wasn’t gold medaling in understanding his magical ways, but I made it fit with the logic that “he’s clearly not doing actual magic, he’s just really good at his job”.

But then I got called up on stage to be part of one of the tricks. The short version of this elaborate and mind-blowing illusion involved his presenting a sealed envelope containing a letter he had written before the show. While on stage he asked me some personal questions, including my mom’s name and plans I had for the week. Then, ta-da! He opened the sealed envelope, took out the letter, and asked me to read aloud what he’d written.  The letter included my specific plans for the week and my mother’s name, Lorelei (spelled correctly, no less, which even people who know her often miss). Say what???

No matter how much “magic-plaining” my logical mind reaches for, my inner jury still comes back with the verdict that what he did was totally impossible. It just literally couldn’t have happened the way I saw it.  So my only choices are to… ignore it and move on…. assume that he can time travel… crown him the slickest illusionist in town… and ultimately, to surrender to the liberating knowledge that there is SOOOO much happening beyond what my mind can see, interpret or digest.

I wonder how much magic have I missed in my life, having stuffed it into a box of my knowable reality? How often have my beliefs kept me from seeing something I wasn’t expecting?

There is, of course, a base level of stability we all need to function, and part of this stability involves leaning on pillars of what we “know” to be true. But these pillars sometimes need to expand, lean or even fully crumble to wake us up to our soul’s next evolution. When we trust knowable concepts as capital T truth, this can feel terrifying. But when we surrender to remembering that life is infinitely bigger than we are, and say yes to flowing with the mystery, this disorientation becomes exciting and even magical…. explainable or not.

With love… and magic,


What Are You Fixing For?


Hi friends,

Just wanted to drop in your inbox to remind you-

There’s nothing about you that needs to be fixed.

Seriously, there’s not one single part of you that showed up on this planet, or slowly became, defective. You are not fixed and you don’t need to be fixed.

In my coaching practice the most common sentiment of suffering I hear is “I’m not enough.”  The second most common is, “I’m too much” Our striving for some unattainable level of perfection comes from the illusion that intrinsically we don’t measure up. So much suffering comes in trying to avoid falling off a precarious, impossibly narrow, and ultimately non-existent cosmic balance beam.

Along our life’s journey we pick up strategies to survive, physically and socially. At the time, these patterns were brilliant responses based on circumstances and our understandings of reality. But like everything in nature, we are meant to evolve, change and grow, never truly fixed in one way of being. Feeling the pain of what’s no longer working is not a sign of what’s wrong with you… but an indication that you are aligned with your natural rhythms of your life.

There was nothing “wrong” with the caterpillar, but eventually, it was time to grow wings.

Still don’t buy it?  Is your mind coming up with a long list of supportive evidence for all the ways you are f*cked up? Great! This means you’ll have plenty of material to mine when exploring the deeper needs buried under all these rules about how and who you should, and should not, be.

Is some part of you dismissing this as new age, rose colored delusion meant to avoid true responsibility? Awesome. Response-ability, the ability to respond to what’s really there, is a crucial part of healing, skepticism is a response.

Because, of course, there are plenty of ways in which we have disconnected from and contorted our essences. But instead of trying to “fix” them, we can notice which outdated patterns have become fixed and bring curiosity and compassion to them. Instead of asking “Why I am so messed up?” We can ask “What is the deeper need that this pain is expressing?”

*The moments I feel I am too loud, I see the part of me who has needed to scream… and in this moment, welcome the opportunity to tune in and listen.

*The times when I feel like my body isn’t the right shape, I can feel back to the earnest young girl trying desperately to fit impossible standards of beauty… and in this moment, celebrate my deep and sacred desires for intimacy, acceptance and connection.

*The points when I get frustrated at my lack of willpower, I tap into all the ways in which I’ve tried to avoid feeling powerless… and in this moment, claim the wonder and mystery of all that is beyond my ability to control.

*When I get on myself for being defensive, I can stand in awe of the protector within me, who at times has had to work hard to keep me safe… and in this moment, pause and feel the sweetness of my innocence and vulnerability.

Try this yourself… create a list of everything that you’ve assumed needs “fixing” in your life… and see if you can find both the ways that this pattern once served you, and the deeper needs that it’s now expressing.

In fix-ness and in health,


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