Hocus-Pocus Focus

Hi friends,

Election day in America is just a few short days away. Or, for many of us, a few excruciatingly long days – and potentially sleepless nights – away – with who knows how much time in front us of even more uncertainty.

I hope beyond hope that we are all voting. Whatever your level of trust in the system is, it’s the one we’ve got right now and we can use it, with all it’s imperfection, to align with a future of leadership SO MUCH BETTER than what we’ve got now. As Rebecca Solient beautifully said “I think of voting as a chess move, not a valentine.”  This moment is calling for clear levels of spiritual, intellectual and creative strategies to call forth a more equitable and congruent future for our collective. 

But voting doesn’t stop on the ballot. We vote every single day with our attention. Where you put your focus is your hocus-pocus (on this Blue Moon Halloween day and beyond). 

The information we take in, like food or anything we ingest, becomes the building blocks of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual selves. 

What is your attention building within you? Is the way you are engaging with media, social and otherwise, leaving you energized, connected, clearer and inspired to take action or depleted, isolated and paralyzed with fear? How often are you taking breaks, and resting in order to integrate and digest the constant stream of new information?

Since our attention is the main commodity for most media sites, they are designed to grab our attention and keep it. 

These days I’ve been getting more curious about the votes my attention makes that don’t align with my deeper values or desires.

When I feel scared and unsettled, I sometimes sooth with information seeking that leads me down an internet rabbit hole. The latest culprit has been presidential polls. Yet, like the junk food, I usually leave feeling less connected and more depleted. Information like this, shallow and quick, is like a refined sugar rush. I sometimes feel a little better in the moment, but it’s nearly never enough to really soothe me. 

What happens in this election is not the end of any story or the final say on what is or is not possible for us. Whatever plays out, we will need to be clearer than ever about where and how we give our attention to support the continued unfolding of more equitable, aligned and harmonious collective life on this planet.

That’s gonna take a whole lot of hocus-pocus focus, for sure, but I have a vote of confidence in our power to do it. 


Out of an Orange Colored Sky

Hello friends,

Pre-dawn has always been my favorite time of day. The daytime hustle is still hushed, while most non-nocturnal animals, humans included, remain asleep. It is when I love to sip my matcha tea, explore waking dreams in front of my altar and present a water offering to my garden. During these rituals, the sky often slowly wakes up with an orange, foggy tint; which breaks the dense darkness of the night. 

Earlier this month, for many of us in Northern California, dawn never arrived. With a dark orange hue, the night stayed all day. 

Our cell phone cameras weren’t quite capturing it, so we turned them around to use as  flashlights, navigating the dark daytime skies with a mix of apocalyptic dread and awe filled curiosity. 

At this moment in our collective reality, it’s no real surprise when a new fresh kind of hell lands on the day.

 But this felt different to me; I had a reverent sense all day that Mama was putting us in our place.

I felt her encouraging us, in a dark orange voice, to really pause and feel…  to be with the knowing that nothing is guaranteed and anything is possible. To keep choosing hope, over and over again, regardless of circumstances. 

I am dedicated to a practice of hope now more than ever. Not because I’m blind to the atrocious realities of this moment or because I don’t fear the further horrors that could come. My head stays out of the sand and as fully engaged as possible through the times when the sun doesn’t come up, metaphorically or literally. 

As Mariame Kaba, an incredible modern day activist and prison abolitionist, says, “Hope is a discipline.”

Consciously choosing hope as a daily act of rebellion in a sea of despair, allows us to be with what is. It also energizes us to participate in the infinite number of new realities that could be. We have been, and will continue to be, disappointed when what we hoped for does not land as we wished it would, and that’s okay.

The most hopeful people are not those who are ignorant to what is, but rather those who can be so fully with the pain of what is, that they are inspired to dream up something new. Darkness is where we do our best dreaming. 

In mid-February this year I held an in-person Soul Oriented retreat. Sixteen souls cozily rested and healed together in a glorious vacation home in San Rafael. On our final evening together we shared a night of “Soul & Tell.” This is one of the richest parts of the retreat, when each person comes up front to share a little piece of themselves (a song, poem, story, piece of art, etc.) as a gift to the group. 

My dear friend Maia, who’s soul thrives when growing things in the dirt, shared the symbolism of seeds in her life and then presented each of us with a little packet of some she’d collected. With a few simple instructions, she encouraged us all to sprout them at our homes as reminders of the weekend. 

No one knew at that moment, when we were happily unmasked and unaware of the number of feet between us, what would be coming just a few weeks later. 

This spring and summer I received regular photos from retreat participants sharing their excitement at how easily Maia’s arugula, lettuces and poppies were thriving.

My seeds were planted in our garden too. Strangely, and amazingly, on that day when the light of day never came, all the plants had a significant growth spurt… 

Upward and onward,


*During these times, one of the things that has been sustaining me creatively, emotionally and financially is the amazing support of my Patreon community. If you feel called to offer around a dollar or more each month to support this newsletter and other creations of my soul, I’d be so grateful.

In return, depending on your support level, you’ll receive downloads of songs and guided meditations, a handmade postcard in the mail each month and more. My vision is to have 20 more supporters (50 total) by the end of 2020. Thank you so much for considering being one of them!

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A New Kind of Resilience

“Resilience” is defined as… 

  1. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  2. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

Hi friends – 

I write this while breathing in smoky air from yet another devastating string of wildfires and thinking about how this year, perhaps more than any other, has had our resiliency tested in such intense, profound ways. 

With the above, traditional understanding of resiliency, at best I am left in the shape I started in, but tougher.

But this understanding falls short for me and I’ve been wondering about what resiliency looks like without simply hardening in order to survive something.  While I am all for elasticity and strengthening my ability to recover from challenges, I also want to invite into my resiliency a sense of softness and tenderness that can better allow a new shape to emerge.

By now, it’s nearly cliche, but no less true, that the idea of “going back to normal” is a fantasy. Not because all is lost – but because hard things change us.  At our best, challenges shape us into a version of ourselves sensitized to loss and therefore able to show up with more humility, compassion and creativity. 

Nothing is likely to make this time in our history easy — reckoning with imbalances never is — but there are tools to build a deeper type of resilience – one that allows life to happen WITH you, rather than TO you.  

Firstly, PRESENCE. Simply placing yourself in the moment that is at hand is the fastest way I know to slow down a spinning mind. Our minds were designed to scan our environments for potential danger. When we don’t pause and allow our actual physical senses to do so, our thoughts take over and begin weaving an infinite number of tales around what might go wrong.  

When you notice this happening, stop, slow down your breath – counting in for three and out for five –  and then begin naming everything you see, hear, smell, taste and feel right in the moment. Count your pulse out loud until you get to 25 and then, again breathe in for three counts and out for five counts a few times.  

When there is a real and imminent threat in your immediate surroundings, your fight or flight instinct will take over and act. When there is not (and if you are actually even considering trying this exercise, then likely, there is not) then simply getting present should help the body to calm. 


When we isolate ourselves, our bodies struggle physically, emotionally and spiritually. Resiliency thrives in the context of relationships. These days, connection requires more creativity. Some attempts at connection leave us drained or triggered. Others leave us feeling more energized, compassionate and open to new perspectives. Get curious about the former and more committed to the latter.

Finally, AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION.  Trying to hold it all together, when parts of us are falling apart, can leave us anxious, numb or exhausted. Often the most relieving and rejuvenating thing to do is to just feel your feels. 

Take time to pause and give yourself permission to cry, pound a pillow, shake your body, scream or just laugh at how ridiculous it all is. Simply acknowledging the thing you thought you weren’t allowed to feel, is often the permission your body needs to release it and move forward. 

Emotions are meant to be in motion.

Presence, connection and authentic expression are three ingredients to a kind of resilience that allows you to not just get through something – but to let that something get through to you. 

In this with you all,  


Discomfort… Growth’s Essential Worker

Hi friends,

Whatever your 2020 vision might have been on January 1st, this year has been a doozy no one could have predicted.

The full range of emotions have been pounding through our collective and individual bodies like waves, bringing the debris from the depths of the waters onto shore to be reckoned with. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing a whole lot of reckoning…

Regardless of how much confidence and clarity I previously had about my soul’s mission on this planet – since quarantining, without the flow and structures I’ve built my life around, I’ve often questioned my identity, purpose and floundered about many days unfocused and unsure how to give my gifts meaningfully.

Despite how much I’ve dedicated my life to healing injustices or bringing dignity to all people – or to how “woke” I may have fancied myself to be, over the last couple of months, it’s been painfully clear just how much more I have to learn, how much I’ve benefited from and how complicit I continue to be in the systems of oppression our white bodied supremacy society was built to perpetuate.

And although uncertainty and injustice are hardly new or unique to these times – both are taking center stage in ways that makes it increasingly challenging to stay comfortably numb and disengaged.

Discomfort, when welcomed in, is an essential worker in the transformational process. It is here to show us where we have contorted, contracted and/or disconnected. When we lean into places of discomfort, we feel the edges of our current capacity and have a roadmap for growth. With practice, our nervous system and sense of self can be with more and more before freezing, collapsing or defending. Eventually this process of growth makes it possible for us to be present and connected to a wider range of emotions, circumstances and people who have a different experience or lens of life than we do.

If you, like me, find yourself in a place of privilege (with access to opportunities and a presumption of relative safety and belonging in mainstream society based on your race, gender, class, etc.) then this discomfort may be taking the shape of more guilt, shame, indignation, outrage and/or confusion than usual. These are all appropriate emotions for the realities of our world and demand a new level of responsibility.

Taking responsibility doesn’t mean swooping in saving those who are “less fortunate,” or thinking we can solve the injustices of the world or letting guilt paralyze us. But I believe it does mean doing what’s necessary to hone our response – abilities.  If we keep our own nervous systems as  resourced as possible then we can listen, learn, transform and respond in more congruent and just ways. And when we don’t, we can ask own our shortcomings, readjust and keep going.

We can resource ourselves with breath, movement, rest, compassion, honesty, vulnerability, curiosity, humility, education and listening to voices that are different than our own so that we might respond with our gifts more effectively and sustainably.

Self-care is a revolutionary act. And this, like all truths, holds an important paradox to acknowledge. The culture that needs transforming, is the same culture that allows someone like me, a white, middle class, cisgendered woman, the access and social permission to more easily honor and care for my body and soul, than many of my fellow humans can not easily do.

It seems like we are at a tipping point in our world and the energy for envisioning a new reality is ripe.  This is not the time to go back to sleep.. nor is it sustainable to work all night long. This is not the time to have all the answers… or the time to give up in hopelessness.

To re-envision a future we desire, we must be able to sit with what we could not sit with before and let it change us, inspire us and fuel us to keep moving forward.

With fierce love and welcome discomfort,



listeningHi friends,

Sending you each so much love as we navigate this particularly important – and hopefully – tipping point in history. I do not sense this is the moment to share my particular framing of reality, as a white person. So I’m using the platform I have here this month to pass on some specific resources that have been passed on to me… to listen, learn, be challenged, show up, hold safe space for and love in more meaningful ways.

If you want to have a conversation about this, and/or if you have witnessed blindspots in me, I’m here and open to hear and grow.

In solidarity, humility, grief and hope,



*Anti-Racist Resource Guide

*Black Lives Matter Library, Teaching,
Activism and Community Resource List 


The Cross Cultural Solidarity History Education Project

Campaign Zero: Working To End Police Violence

BEAM: Nonprofit supporting Black
emotional and mental health


Resmaa Menakem Courses on Racialized Trauma
(also his book “My Grandmother’s Hands)

Spiritual Activism 101 (And 102) by Rachel Ricketts


*My yoga teacher colleague, Saeeda Hafiz (many of you on this list that have taken classes with her over the years) released this book. Buy your copy here.

“In this memoir of upward mobility through the unexpected route of yoga, a young African American woman signs up for lessons in yoga and clean eating as a sign that she has now entered the middle class. The Healing is Saeeda Hafiz’s personal, painfully honest account of facing the inner demons fed by the domestic violence, addiction, and poverty she witnessed as a child.”

*Joel St. Julien, just released his latest album “Moral Monsters” today and all the proceeds from album sales today will go to BEAM, a nonprofit serving mental and emotional needs of Black people. Buy it here – today if you can!  I’ve been listening to it all morning, and it’s lovely. Joel produced my 2011 album and is a genius of experimental sound. Here’s the quote which his album was named for:

“I’m terrified at the moral apathy, the death of the heart, which is happening in my country. These people have deluded themselves for so long that they really don’t think I’m human. I base this on their conduct, not on what they say. And this means that they have become, in themselves, moral monsters.” – James Baldwin


This is by no means an exhaustive list. I am just passing on a few highlights of things that have been passed on to me and I’ve found helpful and/or compelled to donate to or purchase in support of dismantling white supremacy and amplifying black voices. If you want to talk more specifically any of the books, courses, organizations listed here, and/or send along other resources that aren’t, feel free.

An additional note if you are reading this and also white:

It’s okay to be uncomfortable, not know what to do or say, or feel inadequate. Listen and learn.

It’s okay to honor your need for rest and integration and not to engage with everything on this or any list at one time. Rest, digest and show up resourced.

Spiritual bypassing and performative allyship are direct roadblocks to true healing.

Take a breath, move… feel the feels… acknowledge our privilege – including what we see and all the privilege that remains, by it’s nature, unseen… own our shadows and blindspots… resource ourselves… welcome the knowing we have more to learn regardless of how much work we’ve done… get curious about defenses… keep showing up and learn how to do better, fail better and love better.

Same Storm, Different Boats

different boats


Hi friends,

In my last “Healing In Place” newsletter, in late March, I shared how it’s never been more obvious that we are ultimately all one, not “the only one” struggling or isolated in our pain. This new pandemically human experience has touched just about every aspect of life on earth.  But it is also personal and we are each moving with specific challenges and circumstances. As I’ve heard it said a few times now through this…

“Same storm, different boats.”

My list of all that I am grateful for in my current boat is long. But my days aren’t without seasickness. I still have many moments of fear, exhaustion, grief.  I sometimes feel so deeply lonely, even with a loving partner and network of friends. I miss life before the storm and worry about life after. I feel the weight of loss of a world where physical human connection felt generally safe and easy.

But at times of massive change, our body is designed to experience such emotions. They are the responses of our wise systems, doing it’s best to adapt to new realities. So, my conscious mind is continuing the practice of making space for the emotions, acknowledging them as they come, and letting my body move and emote as it needs to in order to create more peace and less sticky thoughts.

But some thoughts do stick.

Sometimes they are in the form of  “seriously, people?” kind of judgements about how others are navigating these current realities. In these moments it feels a little like being in a group project in work or school and feeling like others are dropping the ball or have a vision that feels incompatible with mine.  When I catch myself here, I try to take a deep breath (as deep as I can with a mask on anyway) and do my best to move from my head to my heart and remember… different boats.

Other times the sticky thoughts are in the form of projected dystopian realities that are void of the in person touch and social gatherings that my life has always been so fueled by. When this dark cloud comes, I try to pause and be with the fear and grief underneath… making space for my powerful imagination to start conjuring up futures that I want to be a part of co-creating.

From here I remember that life is happening with us… even for us… not to us.  And, with our trusty old friend impermanence, we know that “this too shall pass,”

The current construction of our boats –  like our thoughts… roles… identities…this current storm…and even our bodies… won’t be here forever. So we carry on, and do our best to be present here, right now, with whatever gifts are available for us.

Sending love to each of you, with at least six to eight feet of physical distance, but fully connected in our hearts, regardless of which boat we are navigating life from right now.


Crisis… Chrysalis

Hello Friends,

When a caterpillar is born, it contains all the necessary innate wisdom to one day, when the conditions are right, transform itself into a butterfly. Up until then, it just does it’s caterpillar thing, crawling and eating… crawling and eating… crawling and eating….with, I like to imagine, an occasional glance up; curiosity piqued by a mysterious winged creature flying above her.

And then one day, based on a subtle prompting of nature, the caterpillar begins to self-destruct, literally turning it’s body inside out, digesting and regurgitating its own innards creating a protective container that holds it’s now liquified self.
During this period, called chrysalis, the caterpillar soup slowly begins to take a new shape. It’s a time of uncertainty, shapelessness and potentiality, all fragilely contained within a self-created shell.

This current coronavirus crisis is our own sort of collective chrysalis; a time of uncertainty, shapelessness and potentiality.

Like the caterpillar, most of the systems that were crawling along have stopped, plans that were being arranged have been put on hold and the overall shape of life for each of us individually and collectively has been turned inside out.

And now, life as we knew it, for the entire world, is on hold, with no clear path of what might be next. Many of us are actually, quite literally, cocooned inside our homes. Others are scrambling to find what’s necessary in order to safely cocoon. Still others are creating new makeshift cocoons every day to keep life intact for themselves and their loved ones.

We don’t know how long this time of pause will be. As much as our mind desperately wants details, the only real certainty we can give ourselves is what we know in this moment, contained in the sensations in our body and the movement of our breath… right… now.

Once we’ve taken a breath and gotten into our bodies – then our minds can more resourcefully stretch beyond the details floating through the newsfeed and start hooking into a bigger guiding story and vision of what could be.

The caterpillar that was our collective reality before this is no longer. Like all pinnacle moments in history, there’s no “going back” to normal. But, at some point there will be a going forward into something new.  An emergence from this current cocoon.

The possible futures ahead of us are infinite. The shapes and colors the wings that will emerge from this cocoon are yet to be defined. It takes massive change to make massive change; the available energy from all that is crumbling is undeniable, and it there for us to create something new.

What will breakthrough from this crisis/chrysalis has everything to do with which parts of ourselves, individually and collectively, we invite to take shape in our consciousness. It is a chance for realignment to begin in a significant way and the more we can envision what’s possible and start taking those shapes – from the view inside our cocoon – the more effortlessly that future can unfold.

But for now… don’t feel like you must make anything take shape. This liminal space gives us permission to release the effort of maintaining what was as well as the struggle of figuring out what will be. Right now, as much as you are able, practice simply being with each unformed moment… doing what you must to feel safe… feeling all your feelings… connecting to what and who brings you  hope and joy… and dreaming up the colors of your wings once you emerge.


Interconnected Immunity

Hi Friends,

Interconnectedness is my favorite law of nature; I typically feel deep comfort and energy in knowing that:

We are all one


Anything that happens to one of us, happens to all of us


Separation and isolation are illusions that leave us stuck in unnecessary suffering

But, sometimes it feels tempting – and even prudent – to isolate.

Sometimes viruses of potential pandemic proportions loom at every social gathering and  doorknob…

Sometimes the choices that our government makes can feel toxic and out of alignment with all that feels right and congruent…

Sometimes other people just feel so, well, “other”, that I’d rather sequester myself and a few choice allies into a nice little bubble and ignore the rest.

And there’s wisdom in all these… sometimes and temporarily. Making life smaller and more manageable when you are in breakdown, and the threats are large, can be a restorative short term strategy, personally and collectively. The problem comes when we stay there… operating from that place of protectionism.

In order to build our spirits, or immune systems, back up to a more robust place, we must stay in the fullness of life – in relationship with all those “other” parts we’d like to avoid.

True thriving comes not from how much “badness” we can avoid, but rather from how large a range we can be with and adapt to. When we are physically healthy, our immune systems can process, integrate and filter out a huge range of potential threats. It’s the same with our psyche.

Treating all parts of ourselves with compassion, humor and grace, we witness more parts of others, and we can be with them. It doesn’t mean we always agree and align, but we are able to be present with whatever arises. In this resourced place, we can see toxic patterns or injustice and disconnection and respond wisely – rather than running away or reacting with defense.

In the last few months my ideas about relationships have been stretched in new ways.

One of my oldest friends had health complications that nearly led to her death before a miraculously successful liver transplant happened…

My parents came to live in San Francisco for nearly two months, so we shared day to day life for the first time since I was a child…

And my husband and I have been doing deep therapeutic work, upgrading our understandings and ways of being in partnership, to support both of our fullest expressions.

All of these have been beautiful, and unsettling, opportunities for me to compost old structures and build new frameworks of relating and dancing with the people I love most.

Over the next two or three months in my newsletters, I’ll be writing a series of articles about my ideas of what it means to be in Soul Oriented relationships – expressed through the specific ways we relate to ourselves, people we love, people we find difficulty loving and to the greater patterns of our world.

I will explore ideas about our “needs” being met…. What to do when challenging relationships call for new and updated boundaries…. When, and why, to speak up and when you might stay quiet…. Tools for how to be with a seemingly impossible impasse.

Thank you for staying in relationship with my journey – and sharing yours with me. Our collective will get through these current crises, as we’ve gotten through infinite others. Along the way, I’m grateful for the ways we can support one another to feel more resourced.

Interconnectedly yours through whatever waves come,


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Don’t be Self”ish”


Hello friends,

I remember sitting in my family’s Aerostar minivan, circa 1987, passionately singing along with Whitney with all my 10 year gusto…

“Because the great-t-test, love of all, is happ-pppening to meeeeeee…. I found the great–t–test love all, inside of meeee..”

Sadly, even at this young age, I was well practiced at condemning my body, doubting my instincts, shaming my desires, suppressing my needs and being hyper focused on my perception of everyone else’s needs. The words of this song felt like an anthem of liberation – permission to throw off the shackles of self-hatred, stretch the confines of the theology of sin, and break free from the prison of relying on external validation I had learned from the culture around me. I could proudly declare that I had (we all had!) the key to the deepest, most satisfying love of all within ourselves.

And not only that, but Ms. Houston believed I (and all the other children) were the future who would usher in and lead this revolution of self love. Something in my awoke with that song, and hasn’t gone back to sleep.

The problem with self-love is that it’s usually only self-“ish” —  most of us define self-care as something done only out of desperation, once we are totally spent after taking care of every other possible person or duty. Or possibly we allow ourselves to be “spoiled” with a treat on special days or reward ourselves after so successfully successfully suppressing our needs.

This paradigm leaves everyone unsatisfied. When we fill our cups only after they’ve been fully emptied and then spend the rest of our time filling everyone else’s or demanding they fill ours, no one’s true thirst is quenched.

When we ignore our own needs for long enough we can become the kind of self-”ish” that gets such a bad rap.  At this point of burn out there’s literally no more energy to give to anyone else and we become isolated and unaware of others needs. Our hearts are too tired to be open.

But here’s the deal – at our cores we were created to serve, support and love one another. We are literally biologically rewarded for helping and connecting with others. So when we are connected to our natural flows, service is effortless… even energizing. Receiving and giving become one act.

When I hang out at the tap of what feels pleasurable and aligned and energizing for ME, I not only stay FILLED UP and TURNED ON, but I also feel TUNED IN… and my overflowing cup bathes everyone around me with more love, light and energy.

When we release the obligation or shoulds – it can feel amazing to offer something that someone else desires. When our cup is full, we don’t even have to try… it happens organically. Instead of becoming self-centered, we find ourselves centered in ourselves and able to in more authentic relationship.

So this month, as we approach Valentine’s day, I invite you to stop being self-”ish” – and commit to being self-“full”– to follow your nudges, indulge your desires and take every single responsibility you have and turn it into the ability to respond to in a way that feels good and aligned for you.

May we each shift burn out by turning up delights… and soften into the trust that tending to our own needs IS tending to the needs of those you love and ultimately the worlds.

Loving you, by loving me,


Roaring 2020s: Listening In & Speaking Up


Welcome to this new decade friends!

As I’ve been calling up my 2020 vision over this past week, the themes of speaking out, discovering what brings me pleasure and following what I desire, have all shown up. As I’ve done for many years as part of my new years envisioning, I drew one tarot card to offer a possible focus/insight for my coming year. 

Imagine my disappointment when the “hermit” card show up. 

Dismayed, feeling like this monastic, seemingly isolating archetype was hardly supportive of the awake, vocal, turned on woman I feel myself becoming, I almost stuck it back in the deck and started over. After all, I use the cards as a tool of illuminating what I already know, not rigidly or predictively. 

But after the initial reaction passed, it struck me that this card was an invitation to turn down the external speakers and hear my own voice clearer than ever. How can I speak out if I haven’t listened in? 

Right on cue, I woke up this morning, the first full day of this new decade of speaking out, with full on laryngitis. The divine has a sense of humor. 

Instead of carrying on with the plans I had with friends and family, like I may have done back in the 2010s, I took this as an internal message to stop, drop my plans and listen. This is the pattern interruption I’ve been calling in, where I act upon my own rhythms, even if they might disappoint others.

Like most of us, I was taught to distrust my natural rhythms, cravings and desires. I learned that much of what I wanted to do, eat, experience, etc was rooted in my sinful/weak nature and came from my greed, selfishness, gluttony and lust – all characteristics I’d be best to train myself out of. 

But in my understanding of reality, every being at their core is innately loving, open and desires meaningful connection. Despite how off track much of our conditioning has taken us, all of desires bubble up to support life, love and our true nature of interconnectedness.

Anything repressed will eventually get expressed, usually toxically. When, instead, we say yes to these initial impulses of any desire, we can respond to their innate wisdom, rather than react out of compliance or rebellion. 

If we bring these unsavory parts into the light we may see that… 

Our “greed” is here to reconnect us with the abundant nature of the universe… 

Our “selfishness” is here to keep us connected and in full relationship with the unique aspect of nature that we were created to express… 

Our “gluttony” is here to ensure we are amply fueled and nourished… 

Our “lust” is here to remind us that our senses were designed for pleasure and to keep the flow of creation (including, but not limited to, procreation) going.

When I woke up to my voiceless body today, I chose to lean in, follow my body’s cue and choose a full day of intentional silence (Enter hermit, stage left).

Saying yes to my desires and natural rhythms like this consistently leaves me in a more energized, expansive and aligned space, able to give my soul’s gifts to others so much more effortlessly and abundantly. (Exit all of my conditioning to the contrary stage right) 

Instead of deciding what to deny yourself this year, perhaps these first few days of this new decade can be a moment to listen in and hear what desires are speaking up within you. Would love to hear what arises!

Selfishly, greedily, gluttonously, lustfully and soulfully,



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