in (co)operation

greetings dear friends, wednesday morning i awoke at 4:30am and took myself, along with a satchel of altar items (gemstones, cards, candles, etc.), up to the roof of our current home for a ritual underneath the eclipsing full (blue, blood, and super) moon. i soaked in the lunar power, and offered back my gratitude, reverence […]

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guided onward

blessed new year dear ones! today and tomorrow we sit in the auspicious time where one chapter ends and the next begins.  there is so much richness in these times – when all that no longer serves can be composted into the cosmic garden of life – when all the seeds for all that we […]

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thanks(giving) and receiving

  blessed gratitude day dear ones, for the first time in my 41 thanksgiving days i’ve been alive and in this country, i have no holiday specific plans for today. for the last 13 years one of my dear friends and i have co-hosted a “friendsgiving” filled with our tofu turkeys, sweet potato cornbread and […]

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headlines… heartlines

dear friend, these days it’s all too common for the day’s headlines to make it hard to breathe. this week in california, that reality has been felt as every inhale has contained literal particles of the most recent devastation. the reality, so true that it can feel cliche to acknowledge – is that when tragedy […]

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home sweet… migration

greetings friends, around five years ago, i got a strong intuitive hit that my partner and i were going to buy a home in the bay area. it felt like a download – a pure (and utterly illogical) download – from the universe. we had a rent controlled apartment that we loved, and our income levels, […]

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totally eclipsed

greetings friends, in just over a week, millions of people will be in view to experience what’s being called the “great american eclipse.” in a path that spans across our entire country, the sun’s illumination will be fully concealed for one to three minutes, leaving all in the “path of totality” in total darkness. the […]

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freedom with, not from

  greetings friends – this week marked both the fourth of july and the continuation of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. so no surprise … i’ve had freedom on my mind. is freedom really just another word for nothing left to lose, as the inimitable janis joplin sang? what […]

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