Self-Massage Routine

i suspect, if everyone did this every day, i would lose all my massage clients. … i just got a new printer and added my first scan.  i plan to include my original illustrations much more often now… stay tuned! Seated Self-Massage Routine Things to keep in mind while massaging: *Stay relaxed – especially in […]

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Frustrated? Shouldering Too Much?

Exercises for Releasing Frustration Ever have one of those days?  These next qi exercises are helpful in both cleansing the liver and releasing the upper body tension that sometimes comes with frustration (and sometimes, just comes.)  In the first three exercises, it’s important to always keep a slight bend in the elbows to avoid hyper-extension, […]

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Breathing for Digestion/Emotions

ADVASANA CHAKRA BREATHING the following is a really great breathing exercise done lying on your belly (in the ‘advasana’ yoga position), working with breathing into the second and third chakras (energy centers). it’s great for digestion, of food and of life, and to balance your emotional state. it can be practiced anytime – including right […]

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greetings dear ones – i’m excited to dive into my first attempt at blogging.  one might think, since i did study journalism in college, that i would have explored this medium before now, but i suppose i have been busy learning and teaching and playing.  now – time for sharing! a little about myself – i […]

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